Mac mini and Apple TV set for a refresh

Australian Macworld staff
7 June, 2010
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Tomorrow morning’s keynote from Steve Jobs may be one of the most anticipated in the company’s history: aside from the inevitable iPhone, there have been rumours surrounding everything from updated Safari to new Mac minis, and even a significant update to the Apple TV.

Australian Macworld has heard from our source (the same one who previously gave us the part number for the new MacBooks, and correctly predicted the new MacBook Pros a week before they were released), who claims that both the Mac mini and Apple TV are ‘on constraint’.

That means that both items are difficult to order, and is a very likely indicator that they will be updated soon. While we can’t guarantee they’ll get air-time in Steve’s keynote tomorrow (which you can follow here from 3am), it appears updates are definitely on the way.

So, what can we expect if the Apple TV and Mac mini do get some attention?

Engadget reported last week that Apple might in fact be updating the Apple TV to run the iPhone OS. According to that report, it will be based on the new iPhone’s hardware too, with 16GB flash storage, 1080p output and a US$99 price tag.

Meanwhile, an AppleInsider report has also noted that Mac Mini supplies are dwindling ahead of a possible refresh. The article cites four separate examples suggesting the Mini is in short supply. Three of these involve bulk orders being delayed, and in one case the purchaser was told to only order what was needed “for the next few weeks”.

AppleInsider also suggests the new Mac Minis will likely sport HDMI outputs, though given that new MacBooks and MacBook Pros support audio and video out via DisplayPort (which can be connected to HDMI inputs using an adapter), surely the new Minis would have the same functionality, meaning a dedicated HDMI output would be redundant.

We continue to wait with bated breath.

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