Mac App Store – tumbleweeds and crickets

Anthony Caruana
8 May, 2015
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You’d think having a Top Ten app in the Apple’s App Store would be like owning your own printing press for legitimate $100 notes. But the reality is far less lucrative.

A blog post by the developer of Redacted for Mac, Sam Soffes, paints a very different picture.

“Redacted was #8 top paid in the US and #1 top paid in Graphics at the end of launch day”.

You’d think this would represent a great financial return and that Soffes would be taking a money bath.

But to achieve that lofty rating, he sold just 94 copies of his application. With a launch price of $4.99 and after Apple takes its cut he was left with the princely sum of US$302. Just 59 of those copies were sold in the US to garner that Number 8 ranking.

While the iOS App Store can deliver significant returns for developers, it seems the same can’t be said for the OS X App Store.


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  1. Sam says:

    When ever I go into the App store it just seems to be the same old stuff at the top of the ‘featured’ list. Nothing seems to change.

  2. Jamie says:

    The iBooks store is even worse, my wife’s first book is listed for sale there (and on Google Play), the commissions taken are huge – for the sale of a book for (NZ)$4.90 she receives only $2.68.

    It certainly doesn’t appear to be a way to make money. It’s her first effort and with the current poor sales is likely to be her last, which is unfortunate as a couple of people who have read it have been very positive about it and the quality of the writing.

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