Live coverage: Apple iPad media event 2012

Macworld Australia Staff
8 March, 2012
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Apple is holding a press event in San Francisco on Wednesday, March 7 (Thursday, March 8 in Australia), and Macworld Australia will be on hand with live coverage of whatever the company announces. Join us at 5am AEST tomorrow for our blow-by-blow account of Apple’s latest unveiling.

You can follow the updates on Twitter or Facebook.9:32am Music playing. People filing in now.

4:60am: So, what’s going to happen? I think a new iPad is a safe bet, with a Retina-class display. Presumably a new Apple TV model, which makes me think that 1080 video support is coming for Apple TV and for the iTunes store too. – Jason Snell

4:53am: So, looking at the stage, I’ve noticed something is missing: the armchair Steve Jobs sat in to introduce the iPad and iPad 2. – Dan Moren

4:55am:So: an HD screen on the iPad, HD video, HD on the Apple TV, high-quality photos on the iPad… we’ll be hearing a lot about how good stuff looks. – JS

4:59am: “Thank you very much for joining us. We have a great morning planned. I’m very excited to be here.”Talking about the post-PC revolution. Happening all around us at an amazing pace.

It’s a world where the PC is no longer the center of the digital world, but just another device. And a world for your new devices—the one you use the most.

5:00am: The iPad is reinventing portable computing, in many ways, and outstripping the wildest of predictions.

Last year alone, they sold 172 million post-PC devices. That made up 76% of their revenues.

5:01am: The things that make a great post-PC company are the things that Apple has been about for years. Plays to their strengths, it’s what they love to.

For example, retail stores. Provide the best buying experience and the best customer experience anywhere. Important for the Mac, but even more important for iPad or iPhone buyer.

5:04am: Newest store in Amsterdam is their largest store. “There were a few people were waiting to see the inside of the store.”

5:04am: Here’s a video they made about the opening of this store.

5:05am: People were definitely pretty excited to go to that store.

5:06am: “That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?”

5:09am: ust a few days ago, a lucky customer in China downloaded the 25 billionth app. “This is a mind-boggling number that we couldn’t even have imagined when we launched the App Store just a few years ago.”

Take a photo on your iPhone, it goes to your Mac, your iPad, even your TV.

5:10am: In just a few months, have over 100 million customers of iCloud. Part of that is iTunes in the Cloud. For your music, for your TV shows, and it now supports movies.

5:12am: Movies, TV Shows, iTunes Match, and you can still get access to your music, movies, TV shows, and photos on your computer right from your Apple TV.

You can redownload movies you purchased on any of your devices. Movies and TV shows in the iTunes Store will now support 1080p HD.

5:12am: Movies, TV Shows, iTunes Match, and you can still get access to your music, movies, TV shows, and photos on your computer right from your Apple TV.

5:13am: Taking a look at Photo Stream. Now when he takes a photo on his iPhone, appears on the Apple TV without having to do anything at all. Photos are full screen, 1080p.

Movies. New menu across the top that makes it easier to navigate. Top Movies; genius is built in, recommendations based on movies you’ve already watched. Hitting menu pops the top menu down again.

5:15am: “We think that the iPad is the poster child of the post-PC world.”

5:16am: The momentum behind iPad has been incredible, and has surprised virtually everyone. Sold 15.4 million iPads last quarter alone.

iPad is showing up everywhere in people’s lives: work, play, all around the world.

5:17am: The iPad has to be the best device for the things you do the most often. Browsing the web, checking email. “Now this is a tall order.”

5:18am: Sold more iPad last quarter than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC line worldwide.

5:19am: Part of the reason is the incredible bundled apps with iPad, and the over 200,000 apps that have been custom built to take advantage of the big, beautiful multitouch screen.

In fact, and in some estimations, there were over 100 competitive tablets that came to market just last year.

5:20am: You won’t find that great experience. Let me give you some examples. This is a Twitter app on a Samsung tablet running on Android. “You can see it’s pretty basic. It kind of looks like a blown up smartphone app. That’s because it’s exactly what it is.”

5:21am:This is a key reason why momentum on iPad continues to build and the competitive tablets aren’t gaining traction.

5:22am: Now, everybody’s been wondering who will come out with a product that’s more amazing than the iPad 2 with its big screen, superfast A5 chip….well, stop wondering. We are.

It’s the new iPad! Surprise!

Today, Apple’s announcing the all new iPad. Taking it to a whole new level and redefining the category that Apple created with the original iPad.

5:23am: “Until you see it, you can’t understand how amazing it is.”

5:24am: Anyone who has an iPhone 4 knows just how impressive the Retina display is. It’s really remarkable to lose the graininess/jaginess of those visible pixels.  – JS

Graphics, text, and icons sharper than you can imagine. Text is going to rival anything that you’ve seen in print. Everything that you do is just going to look stunning. Surfing the web, reading emails. And photos are going to look amazing.

2048 by 1536 pixels, and if you do the math, that’s over 3.1 million pixels.

5:25am: Most ever in a mobile device.

Put another way, many of you have an HD at home. These have a resolution of 1920x 1080.

The iPad shows over 1 million more pixels than your HDTV does at home.

Pixels are packed really tightly. 264 pixels per inch.

Why is it called a retina display?

5:28am: iPad has auto exposure, great exposure, great color. Autofocus. Great edge-to-edge sharpness. That’s the first feature, Phil says to applause.

5:30am: #3: HD video recording now at 1080p resolution.

Auto face detection. Auto exposure lock and auto focus lock.

Guess we’ll be seeing more people holding up an iPad to take photos now…

Wherever you are, you want to grab a video, there’s a built-in video. Here’s a typical home movie clip grabbed from iPad and 1080p camera.

Great to have a high quality camera, but they use the A5X to provide things like image stabilization. Here’s what it would like if you could turn it off.

 #4: Voice dictation.5:32am: Now there’s a new key on the bottom that”s a microphone. Tap and speak.

Just like on the 4S.

#5: Next-generaiton wireless. 4G LTE.

5:33am: The iPad has had great wireless performance, and it supports EV-DO with a maximum downlink of 3.1Mbps, and HSPA with a max downlink of 7.2.

Now the new iPad adds HSPA+ with a max downlink of 21 Mbps, dual carrier HSDPA with a max of 42 Mbps, and LTE with a max of 73 Mbps download. Performance is amazing.

5:34am: One of the big questions is, how many different versions will there be, in order to support all these different wireless standards? Separate AT&T and Verizon 4G models?

5;35am: Like to do things like watch videos, and go to Vimeo and watch HD high quality video. But if you don’t have high-speed bandwidth, you have to wait for it to buffer.

Hit play and on LTE it starts playing right away. Progress bar loads faster than you can watch in real time. On the EV-DO, it’s still buffering enough frames before it starts to play.

5:36am: Other high-speed networks, as mentioned, around the world.

When 3G phones started showing up, many different bands with many different networks. Same thing is happening with LTE.

5:37am: Additionally, software to make it a personal hotspot. If your carrier supports it, you can share the high speed network from your new iPad with up to 5 devices.

New iPad: 4G LTE, fast 3G HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA networking, 3G world ready, Personal hotspot, most bands ever.

Supporting 4G forces Apple to have more product complexity than it would prefer. Just when it unified 3G, it’s got to go split stuff back up in order to support 4G. For a while….

So, the new iPad: Breakthrough display, A5X chip, iSight camera, 1080p video recording, voice dictation, and has 4G LTE.

5:38am: Now, you may be thinking that a lot of these technologies consume a decent amount of power. How did it do on battery life?

5:39am: The new iPad delivers the same: 10 hours of battery life, and on 4G it gives 9 hours. Team has worked incredibly hard to let you use it all day along. Amazingly thin at 9.4mm and 1.4 lbs.

New iPad is priced at just $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, $699 for 64GB. And $629, $729, and $829 for 4G. Same prices as iPad 2.

5:40am: Available on March 16.

“If you want one as badly as I do, you’ll be happy to know that pre-orders start today.”

US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, and more. One week later, 25 more countries.

Back to the software.

5:41am: Team has worked really hard to make all the software look gorgeous.

All the software has been updated to take advantage of all that new resolution.

But as you may remember, developers didn’t have to do anything to make their apps look better, but they can do more to make them look even better.

Everything will work great, but if the developer takes a little bit of time that they can do things with their application that is just mind blowing.

5:42am: Asked a few developers to spend a week and show what they can do with all that amazing graphics horsepower. Three demos. The first is from namco. James Shelton, Game Design Director.

Skygamblers: Air Supremacy running on the new iPad.

Extra graphics performance lets them increase level of details. Resolution means absolutely none of the detail goes to waste.

5:45am: Console-quality single- and multiplayer experiences. This giant screen can’t even show you. Only on the new iPad itself. Launches exclusively on iOS later this month.

Next up, Autodesk.

5:46am: In 29 year history, Autodesk has become a leader in software with over 10 million professional customers on desk. With iOS they’ve reached 10s of millions of new users in only two years. Today, showing us something new.

5:47am: Actually started piece in SketchBook Pro and used painting as background.

5:48am: All the strokes stay crisp and smooth no matter how much you zoom. Massive images in excess of 100 megapixels.

5:48am: “Retina display is luscious. It takes it to the next level and creates an immersive environment.”

Available this April, exclusively on iOS.

Epic Games’s president, Mike Capps, is here to show off their new product.

5:50am: Today, a new Infinity Blade. “Dungeons.”

On a quest to craft the ultimate weapon, the Infinity Blade.

5:52am: “These guys are redefining mobile gaming again.”

5:53am: Infinity Blade: Dungeons will be coming soon.

5:54am: Phil’s back. “You may recall when we launched the first iPad, we launched a few apps along with it to show how far you could go with creativity software.” And that was iWork.

Updating them all for the new iPad. Stunning new 3D charts and animations, new builds and transition, and all three take advantage of the new Retina display.

Remain $9.99 each and it’s a free update. Available today on the App Store.

5:44am: With the iPad 2, we introduced some other apps today: iLife apps. Garage Band and iMovie. They’re updated as well.

GarageBand adds smart strings joins smart guitars, smart keyboards, and smart drums. Your own string orchestra. There’s a Note Editor; iCloud to keep songs on all devices; and better sharing features. But the best new feature is called “Jam Session.”

5:56am: Four iPads can play together to create a new song over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

5:57am: That’s like a strange, new party game from the future. – JS

One of the best things is that the instruments look “absolutely luscious” on the Retina display.

GarageBand update available today. $5; free update.

iMovie, also has a new feature. Now, not only can you create a movie, but also a movie trailer.

5:58am: Select from styles and templates, and you get a simple interface for creating your trailer. Fill out your outline, your movie studio name, director, etc., and tap on your Storyboard, and shows you exactly which shots you need. Then you can use the 1080p camera to record the video.

Here’s a video example.

6:00am: And that music is included in the templates. iMovie is $4.99 and also available today.

But, of course, you all know, there’s really three apps in iLife, and one of them is the most popular of all.

“And it is amazing.”

6:01am: This is really a must feature. There are lots of good photo apps for iOS, but having something from Apple, with Apple’s hooks into the operating system, is a big deal. – JS

Why do I need iPhoto? I already have Camera app and Photos app. Great for everyday, but if you want to do even more, that’s what iPhoto is for. Same photo library, but great new browsing, new ways to edit with multi-touch editing, professional-quality effects, brushes for applying those effects, and there’s Photo Beaming to let you beam high resolution photos between your devices.

6:02am: And Photo Journals help you share photos with friends. Here’s a demo from Randy Ubillos, chief architect, photo & video applications.

With iPhoto for iOS, we had the opportunity to reinvent it and take advantage of multitouch and take it to a whole new level.

Shelves show you all the photos on your device. Albums, events, and tap on one it brings up the editing interface.

6:03am: Swiping in from side brings in a thumbnail view. Alter number of columns, or swipe left or right for right and left-handed users.

Press and hold and you can bring up photos side by side.

Double tapping the thumbnails finds similar photos, puts the up side by side for you so you can compare them. Swipe down to make one diasppear.

6:04am: Info panel shows 12 megapixel image, and can work with all 12 megapixels.

Flag it to mark it, can tap at the top of the thumbnail column to just view flagged photos.

6:05am: Once you’ve got photos, tap share and you can email, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook.

Once you’ve chosen them, you can make them look even better. Auto-enhance button to alter contrast color. Tap on crop tool and iPhoto will analyze and find horizon line. Touch button and it straightens horizon line.

6:05am: You can always compare the original with the one you’re working with.

This is one of the more impressive app demos I have ever seen. This is iPhoto completely re-thought for the touch interface of the iPad. – JS

Crop tool has multitouch. Pinch to zoom, rotate with fingers. Grab corner to change cropping or tap gear to bring up common sizes.

6:07am: Too light or too dark? Exposure tool with unified tool that lets you adjust shadow, highlights, brightness, and contrast. Shadows in lower left corner are too dark. Touch finger at that point, brings up control. Touch and slide up and adjusts the level.

6:07am: Sometimes you want to adjust just a portion. Touch in the sky and slide to the left and you can darken or lighten the sky.

6:08am: Brand new white balance tool: skin tone white balance. As you drag the loupe around, it live white balances depending on what you hover over.

Use brushes to just rub over the image and it adjusts levels.

Like everything else, it’s all non-destructive.

6:09am: Like everything else, it’s all non-destructive.

Effects tool. There’s a swatch book. Choose black and white card, and you changes the image to black and white. But you can get different effects by sliding finger along the black and white strip.

Effects tool. There’s a swatch book. Choose black and white card, and you changes the image to black and white. But you can get different effects by sliding finger along the black and white strip.

6:10am: Couple of extra options, like a vignette. Pinch and you get a great effect with just a couple movements of your finger. Tilt-shift, watercolor, and more.

Couple of extra options, like a vignette. Pinch and you get a great effect with just a couple movements of your finger. Tilt-shift, watercolor, and more.

You want to be able to share them. Here’s a set of pictures from a trip to Thailand. Choose Journal, choose all, name it and create the journal.

You want to be able to share them. Here’s a set of pictures from a trip to Thailand. Choose Journal, choose all, name it and create the journal.

6:11am: It automatically lays them out onto pages, one for each day of the trip. They all get laid out in this beautiful layout. If you mark them with a caption or as a favorite, they will be moved to the larger spaces. But you can adjust it by tapping Edit and you can pick up and move around photos.

Even reframe those images by tapping and swiping.

One of the things that’s really great about this is that you can tell a story along with your photos. Palette of story elements to edit, like a sticky note with text.

This journal feature is interesting. It’s kind of like building a book. But it’s not a book. Or is it? Is it electronic? Can you print it? Can you put it in a book?

6:12am: A calendar element that picks up date of photos around it. Map picks up location of photos around it. Even have a weather item that can look up the date and location to get weather for that date.

Once you put this together, they look great on your iPad, but you want to share them. But you can share them by publishing them to iCloud and gives you a link that you can share to anyone on any browser.

Everything shown here can also be done on the iPhone, because this is a universal application.

Phil’s back. “Truly a breakthrough piece of photo software.” $4.99 and available starting today.

We’ve now brought all of iLife to the iPad.

6:13am: Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t create on an iPad.”

6:14am: When we love a product so much, we can’t help ourselves—we create a video about it.

6:19am: “We think the new iPad will really change what people believe is possible with this device.”

6:20am: But they’re going to do more: They’re going to keep the iPad 2, starting at $399.

16GB iPad 2 starts at $399, with 3G at $529. And new iPad at 16GB, starting at $499.

And we’re back to Tim.

6:21am: “With the amazing new iPad, a new affordable price for the very popular iPad 2, and amazing software like iPhoto and the rest of the iLife and iWork suites, we have redefined once again the category that Apple created just two years ago with the original iPad. We’re so proud of this product that we’ve prepared an ad.”

6:22am: “I hope you can see why we believe the iPad has enormous potential and is the ultimate poster child of the post-PC world.”

Thanking all of the employees at Apple and everybody who supports Apple. “It’s a privilege for me to work with the most innovative people.”

Only Apple could deliver this kind of innovation in such a beautiful, integrated, easy to use way. “It’s what we love to do. It’s what we stand for. And across the year, you’re going to see a lot more of this kind of innovation. We are just getting started. Thank you very much for joining us this morning.”

6:23am: And that’s it, folks. Thanks for joining us.

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