Live blog: Oct. 23 Apple media event

Macworld Australia Staff
24 October, 2012
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In just a few hours Apple executives will take the stage in San Jose to host a special media event. No one knows for sure what will be announced, but all signs point to a 7in iPad, new iMac range, 13in Retina display MacBook Pro and possibly a new Mac mini.

Bookmark this page and check back here at 4am AEST for a live feed of the event, as we reveal what Apple has in store.

Good morning, everyone! It’s 3.47am and we’re in the office in South Melbourne, composing an email to Apple asking that their media events in future are held four hours later so we don’t have to get up at an ungodly hour! (Just kidding … we love it, really.)

3.52am Macworld’s Jason Snell and Dan Moren are bringing us the Apple event live from the beautiful California Theater in San Jose.


Tim Cook hits the stage right on time.

Tim Cook: Updates: the iPhone 5 up first

The iPhone 5′s a hit with customers. They sold out the first weekend, selling more than 5 million.

Most iPhones ever sold in the opening weekend, and most phones ever sold in an opening weekend.

Retail stores:

Video of people waiting in line, store clerks stocking shelves, lovingly wiping cloth to clean up display models…

Some very happy people in the video, receiving the iPhone 5. Maybe a little too happy.


Tim’s reminding us that Apple also released a new iPod nano and a new iPod touch.

Together with the rest of the new iPod line-up, Apple’s already sold over 3 million units.

On to iOS 6. The team works hard to make sure most devices can upgrade to the latest OS. In just after one month, 200 million devices running iOS 6.

Fastest upgrade rate of any software in history, that Apple’s aware of.

 So, Apple always makes a point of setting the stage at the beginning of its presentations. Recapping existing products and the like. This is also where most of the disclosures about internal figures, such as 200 million devices running iOS 6, come out — not during analyst calls or in quarterly releases, but in this early session of an Apple event.


Customers have no placed 125 million documents in the cloud in just over the last year.

iMessage, too. Customers have sent 300 billion iMessages in the last year.

And this is Tim Cook’s part of the show, his place as the CEO to set the stage, even as the other portions tend to be done by his lieutenants.

28,000 iMessages per second.


Game Center gets a little love. Over 160 million Game Center accounts.

Shared Photo Streams gets a shout-out too. Launched with iOS 6 a month ago, already shared over 70 million photos.

On to App Store. Last month over 700,000 apps in the App Store; 275,000 iPad apps. These numbers are both growing.

Customers have now downloaded 35 billion apps from the store.

Tim Cook talking about customers and developers. Apple’s paid out $6.5 billion to developers.
Customers have now downloaded 400 million since the inception of the store.
There are now more than 1.5 million books on the iBookstore. Cover every kind of subject.
iBook 3.0 announcement?
New version of iBooks. This contains a new reading option with continuous scrolling.
Also better integrated with iCloud. All of your purchased books show up on your bookshelf, tap one to start reading where you left off. New ways to share. Tap on favourite quote and share it on Facebook/Twitter.
Also supporting over 40 languages, like Korean.
Free download, available today.
Macs up next.
For the year ending in June, Mac outgrew PC market by about 7 times.
Not just the last year; Mac’s been outgrowing for the last six years straight.
Apple’s not standing still, says Tim. They’re going to continue innovating. Really great stuff to show this morning.
Phil Schiller’s coming up to show us what’s what.
Just a few months ago, Apple introduced the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.
13-inch MBP is number one selling Mac! That’s an interesting data point. I would never have guessed that.
So here comes the 13-inch retina MacBook Pro!
New 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display
20% thinner than the previous MBP.  Lightest MacBook Pro ever.
MagSafe 2, two Thunderbolt ports, USB 3, headphone, microphones. SD card reader, HDMI out, second USB 3 port.
Display: 13.3″ diagonal. 2560×1600 pixels.
4x the pixels of the previous generation.
World’s second highest resolution notebook display (after 15-inch MBP).
The 13-inch has almost twice as many pixels as a 1080p HDTV.
 29% higher contrast, 75% reduced reflection, IPS panel with 178° viewing angle, and 300 nits of brightness.
But there’s more! FaceTime HD camera with 720p, dual microphones, stereo speakers that sound better than previous generation, backlit keyboard, glass Multi-Touch trackpad. 

Asymmetric lithium-ion battery technology for max battery life.

Plenty more updated apps on the Mac App Store.

 Intel dual-core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge, Intel HD Graphics 4000, up to 8GB of RAM, up to 768GB of flash, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, up to 7 hours battery life.

Ships with Mountain Lion.

2.5GHz dual-core i5, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of flash. US$1699 in the US.

Starts shipping today.


Environmentally friendly. Energy Star 5.2, EPEAT Gold, arsenic-, mercury-, BFR-, and PVC-free.


Next up is the Mac mini.


“You knew there’d be something called ‘mini’ in this presentation.”

Update is on the inside this time. Dual or quad-core i5 or i7, Intel HD Graphics 4000, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 1TB HD or 256GB of flash.

Starts at 2.5GHz dual-core i5, 4GB, 500GB HDD, US$599.

Server config is 2.3GHz quad-core i7, 4GB of RAM, Two 1TB HD OS X server, US$999.

Start shipping today.

Still the world’s most energy efficient desktop. Just 11W at idle.

One more Mac to tell us about. And that’s the iMac.


iMac: Best all-in-one computer in the industry. #1 desktop model in US.

Started back in 1998. Here’s the Bondi blue model.

Relentlessly innovating. Here’s the evolution. 7 generations of iMac, each better than last.

And here’s the next generation of iMac.

Wow! Extremely thin!


5mm edge; 80% thinner than previous generation. Extends the entire length.

They lovingly call the bottom “the chin.”

Previously, the back and the chin were assembled with laser welding. Instead, they use “friction stir welding” merging molecules to make one piece, super strong and nearly seamless.

No optical drive

Entire display system is 45% thinner. Removed optical drive and re-engineered all components.

Two sizes of display, 21.5-inch and 27-inch. 1920×1080 and 2560×1440, IPS for 178° viewing angle, and 300 nits.


75% less reflection than previous generation.

FaceTime HD camera 720p, dual microphones, stereo system that sounds even better than previous generation, hard to achieve with 40% less volume. Also, 3kg lighter.

Core i5 or Core i7, NVIDIA Kepler graphics, up to 768GB of flash or 3TB HD, up to 32GB RAM

Headphone jack, SD card, 4 USB 3 port, 2 Thunderbolt, GIgabit Ethernet.

Customers can choose a HD if they want, for capacity; others choose flash for maximum performance, up to 3x or 4x faster.

New third option for iMac or Mac mini. The Apple Fusion drive.

128GB of flash storage, with 1TB or 3TB HD. Fused into a single logical volume.

Wow, Apple is getting into hybrid hard drives now with “Fusion drive,” so you get the speed of SSD when you need it but it caches long-term storage on the cheaper hard drive part. OS fits in flash.

OS entirely fits on the flash, so it’s there for performance. All preinstalled software fits on Flash, and as you migrate things, they fill up HDD. As you’re using computer, OS X figures out what you use the most and what would benefit from being on Flash.
You don’t use iMovie, but you use Numbers? It’ll switch Numbers to flash. All transparently to user.
Aperture photo import is over 3.5x faster on Flash; on Fusion Drive, near performance of flash, access to all storage without having to do anything else.
 iMac comes with wireless keyboard and wireless magic mouse or wireless magic trackpad.
21.5-inch iMac 2.7GHz quad-core i5, 8GB RAM, GeForge GT 640M, 1TB HD, US$1299.
27-inch iMac, 2.9GHz quad-core i5, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 660M, 1TB HD, US$1799. In December.
Tim Cook is back!
iPad up now
Two weeks ago, Apple sold its 100 millionth iPad!
In just 2.5 years, points out Tim. Unprecedented for new product in new category.
“Now this has attracted a fair amount of attention. It seems like every day there’s another tablet shipping.”
They love the screen, multitouch, cameras, battery life, and the amazing apps.
One of the things they love is that the iPad has quickly been embraced in education.
Apple announced iBooks Author earlier this year to make it easy to create rich, engaging multi-touch textbooks.
 iBooks textbooks now available for 80% of the U.S. high school core curriculum.
The textbooks are now in over 2500 U.S. classrooms.
I suspect we’re laying some groundwork here for the new iPad announcement… Apple has been pushing textbooks, and a more affordable iPad would be a way for Apple to get into more schools.
Today, the latest version of iBooks Authors. New Apple templates. Portrait-only template. Publishers can now take their own fonts and provide a more custom look.
Publishers can now insert directly rendered mathematical expressions into their books. Multitouch widgets provide even more options for interactivity.
Available today as a free download from the Mac App Store.
iPad in business
94% of Fortune 500 is now testing or deploying iPad. Similar success in smaller business.
Earlier this year, announced an iPad with a retina display. This has gone on to be the fastest-selling iPad of all time and the top-selling tablet in the world.
Phil’s back. Fourth generation iPad.
A new chip: the A6X chip.
2x faster than the A5X.
New generation of image signal processor for face recognition and image stabilisation.
Same 10-hour battery life of previous generation.
Also updating the FaceTime front-side to a FaceTime HD camera. And now expanded LTE with greatly expanded coverage.
Also 2x faster Wi-Fi, 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4GHz and 5GHz). Lightning connector.
New cables as well. Camera connector, Lightning to USB and lightning to SD Card. Lightning to HDMI and Lightning to VGA.
And the Retina display, of course.
Same price as the third-generation iPad
iPad mini arrives!!

“I think we can tell by your excitement you know what this is. This is iPad mini.”

Incredibly thin, beautiful, says Phil.

7.2mm thin, 23% thinner than the fourth-generation iPad.
50% lighter than previous iPad.

White with silver or black with slate back.

7.9-inch display

Same as original iPad/iPad 2: 1024 by 768 in resolution.

Great for FaceTime HD calls, reading, Web surfing, iWork apps, says Phil.


Comparison with Android tablet.

7 inches vs. 7.9 inches.

That’s on the diagonal, but 21.9 square inches for Android tablet; 29.6 square inches for iPad mini. 35% larger.

Lighter and thinner than the Nexus 7. Interesting.

In landscape, remove the noise. The iPad mini is 67% larger for surfing the web.


Dig at Android:

Doesn’t stop there. All those third-party apps for iPad users, over 275,000. They have phone applications stretched up, not tablet apps.

Back to the iPad mini:

Technology inside is as good as an iPad 2 if not better. Dual-core A5 chip.

FaceTime HD camera, better than what’s in iPad 2. 5MP iSight camera on the back side (I think that’s the same as the new iPod touch).

Same LTE capabilities as fourth-generation. Faster Wi-Fi as well, including N at 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Lightning connector.


All this technology and capability, with same 10 hours of battery life.

Now off to a video…

Jony Ive starts it off.

iPad mini smart cover will be available in five new colours: blue, green pink, white, grey, product red.

Starts with 16GB of memory with Wi-Fi at US$329.

Pre-orders start this Friday. Wi-Fi will ship on November 2nd, to a very large list of countries. 2 weeks later, Wi-Fi + Cellular, first in US, and then around the world.

I have to say I’m a little disappointed that it’s US$329. It’s the cheapest iPad yet but Google and Amazon will have appreciably cheaper products out there.


That’s iPad mini. And here comes Tim again.

Told us earlier this year that we’d see some incredibly innovation from Apple across the year.

“We think we’ve kept our promise, and we hope you’ll agree.”

Recapping Mountain Lion and iOS 6.

New iPod nano and iPod touch.

The iPhone 5.

Refreshed entire lineup of notebooks and re-invented the Pro notebook.

And brand new iMac.

Earlier this year, announced third-generation iPad and today replaced it with fourth-generation iPad and added the iPad mini to the iPad family.

Tim would like to thank all the teams at Apple to create everything from today and all year.


That’s it! Thanks for tuning in. Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis of the new products in the coming days.

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