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13 September, 2012
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In just a few hours Apple executives will take the stage  in San Francisco to host a special media event. No one knows for sure what will be announced, but all signs point to a new version of the iPhone and the introduction of iOS 6.

Bookmark this page and check back here at 3am AEST for a live feed of the event, as we reveal what Apple has in store.

Morning everyone, in just a few minutes Apple’s ‘It’s finally here’ press event will officially kick off. In the mean time, here are some photos just taken outside the venue now from our mate Matthew Mikaelian, who is lined up waiting to go inside with other members of the press. See below.


3am: Tim Cook has hit the stage, right one time!

“Thank you for coming this morning, we’ve got some really cool stuff to show you. It’s an amazing time at an Apple, an extraordinary time.”

Talking about Apple retail first. Here’s a store in Barcelona. Spent two and a half years working every detail of the store and getting everything exactly right. Limestone from a local quarry to restore it and modernize it. “Nobody would have done this but Apple.” One of Apple’s largest stores in the world, with a signature glas staircase, and “the opening had a signature crowd.”



They’ve prepared a video about the store.

“Our stores offer the best buying experience and the best customer service on the planet.”

The stores offer the best buying experience on the planet. 386 stores around the world, 12 countires, and 13th country starting on Friday with Sweden. 83 million visitors; almost 1 million people per day, and several days higher than that.

Busy period for Mac: Mountain Lion, iCloud built in



Tim Cook:

7 million copies of Mountain Lion downloaded, making it the fastest selling OS X of all time.

Also earlier this summer launched the new MacBook Pro, with the Retina display. It’s the best Mac they’ve ever made

27% market share in the U.S. Over the last year, Mac has significantly outgrown the PC—15% to 2%. For the last six years straight, the Mac has grown significantly faster than the PC.

Last quarter sold 17 million iPads, setting all new record for iPad sales.

To put in perspective, sold more iPads than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC lineup.

“Yes, we are in a post-PC world.”

84 million iPads sold through June. Shocking when you think that this is a product category that didn’t even exist 2 and a half years ago.

If you look at last year, iPad had a 62% market share. So what happened over the last year with hundreds of new tablets coming to market?

Latest data shows iPad has 68% share. It actually went up. Gap is even more staggering when you look at usage statistics. iPad accounts for 91% of web traffic of all tablets. “Now, I don’t know what these other tablets are doing.” 
“They must be in warehouses or on store shelves, or maybe in someone’s bottom drawer!”
Almost all of Fortune 500 are testing or deploying iPad. (94% of them.) And investing in custom apps.
The App Store is the most vibrant app ecosystem on the planet. Recently crossed 750,000 apps in the store, with 250,000 specifically made for iPad.
Every app seems to have its fans. 90% of apps are downloaded each and every month. Average customer is now using over 100 apps.
The App Store has been a revolution, says Tim. “It’s phenomenal.” Together with Apple’s products, the company has achieved another huge milestone.
Tim Cook moves onto iOS devices:
 Last quarter, the company sold 400 millionth iOS device.
“No one could have predicted this.”
Cook hands it off for Phil Schiller now to take the stage.
New iPhone!! Called the iPhone 5

“Most beautiful product ever made bar none.” It’s rotating now and they’ve put a big one on screen.

Made entirely of glass and aluminium. Designed and built to an exacting level of standard, unlike anything anyone in the industry has made before.

Don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the hardware engineering that’s gone into this product is the best Apple’s done to date.

First, it’s the thinnest phone they’ve ever made, and the lightest too. 7.6mm thin, 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. World’s thinnest smartphone. Also weighs 112 grams, 20% lighter than 4S. Volumetrically, it’s smaller as well.

Volumetrically smaller is a big deal, since the screen is bigger.

“It’s really easy to make a new product that’s bigger.”

iPhone 5 has a Retina display of 326ppi, and it’s stunning. Every iPhone to date has had a 3.5″ screen, and the new one has a 4″screen and 1136×640 resolution.

There’s now a fifth row of icons on the Home screen. More apps on every screen. All the software that comes on the iPhone 5 has been updated to take advantage of larger display. Everything shows more data.


New five day week in landscape iCal, for example, instead of 3 days.

What happens with all of the apps on the App Store? It runs at the same size on every previous iPhone; don’t have to stretch or scale. They center it and put black borders on either side.


Everything looks good, like videos and movies. 44% more colour saturation. Full sRGB colour specification. Most accurate display in the industry.

Touch sensors are integrated right into the display, making it 30% thinner and making image sharper with less glare in sunlight.

Take everything from iPhone 4S and take it further. Now has GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO, HSPA, and added HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, and yes, LTE.

One baseband chip for voice and data, and a single radio chip. And a unique dynamic antenna, started with 4S and taken further in iPhone 5. Automatically switch antenna for different networks.

Australia will get a 4G iPhone!!

Better Wi-Fi as well. 802.11 a/b/g/n, 802.11n is 2.4GHz and dual channel 5GHz, up to 150 Mbps.

“We’ve updated every aspect of iPhone 5. Everything has been enhanced, re-engineered, re-designed.”

Brand new processor is next. Apple A6. Compared to A5 is 2x faster at CPU, 2x faster at graphics.

It’s also 22% smaller, freeing up more space and making it more energy efficient.


Rob Murray from EA Studios on stage to show what can be done with the A6.

Demo of Real Racing 3 on the iPhone.

Gamers can use Game Center to produce a feature of time-shifted multiplayer. Can challenge someone one day and race them the next day.

Coming to the App Store later this year.


Phil’s back on stage.


“Truly epitomizes what can be done in the palm of your hand with that A6 chip.”

The next challenge is to match the battery life of the 4S in a thinner and lighter design.

They’ve not only matched but exceeded battery life of 4S. 8 hours of 3G talk time and browsing, and LTE browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, 225 hours of standby time.

Next, the camera.

Similar to the iPhone 4S, but 25 percent smaller.

The biggest challenge in a camera is vertical height. Ask them to make a better camera. 8 megapixel sensor, 3264×2448, backside illuminated, hybrid IR filter, five-element lens, and a fast f/2.4 aperture. 25% smaller.

Dynamic low-light mode; can sense low light and combine elements for 2 f-stops greater.

New image signal processor built into A6 chip. Spatial noise reduction can remove noise, a smart filter looks at image before ISP does noise reduction and figures out which areas should be uniform colour or texture, there’s better low-light performance, and faster photo capture. Now 40% faster.

For the first time, cap off this system with a sapphire lens cover. Helps protect your lens and make your images clearer and sharper.

“These are from the camera, untouched. The ocean just looks bluer on the iPhone 5. Kids look happier. And the world is just a more beautiful place.”



Tap and say you want to take a panorama, hold your phone vertical, and just sweep your scene. Software tells you what pace to move it at.

28 megapixel panorama taken on an iPhone 5 camera.

Used this example of the Golden Gate because the exposure changes from one side to the other.



Improved video as well. 1080p HD video, improved video stabilization, face detection for up to 10 faces, and you can take photos while you’re recording video. Camera on front is now FaceTime HD 720p HD camera with backside illumination, and FaceTime over cellular.

Audio system’s been updated as well. Now two, but three microphones.. Front, back, bottom.

You can use them for noise cancellation and improving voice recognition. Speaker improved as well. Five magnets in the transducer, better frequency response, and 20% smaller while sounding better. Earpiece is now noise-canceling as well, removing surrounding noise.



Dock Connector

The iPhone from its start has used the iPod 30-pin connector from 2003. Served us well for almost a decade, but so much has changed and so many of the things they used to do over the wire can now be done wirelessly.

Time for the connector evolve. New connector is called Lightning. “So now we have Thunderbolt and Lightning.”

Modern connector. All-digital, 8-signal design, adaptive interface, improved durability. Reversible, so easier to use, and it’s 80% smaller.

What about all those devices you have now that use 30-pin connector? Bunch of accessories. Here’s a 30-pin-to-Lightning adapter. Plug your 30-pin cable into it, and it into your iPhone 5. For example, in your car, you can plug your adapter in there.


iOS 6

One of the most important features of the iPhone is its software, and we have iOS 6.


Designed from the beginning to take advantage of the Retina display. For the first time, showing iOS 6 running on the new iPhone 5. Here’s Scott Forstall to talk about it.

Here’s a demo of a few features. The map now has vector-based maps that are speedy, 100 million points of interest in a search engine.

Info card includes info, reviews from Yelp, and photos.

Also built in free turn-by-turn directions.

Beautiful 3D turn-by-turn directions, use a cinematic camera angle to fly you around corners. Footprints of buildings are correct.

All of this works in landscape as well.


Flyover lets you fly around the scene. They’ve added flyovers for area around the world.

Change camera angle with two fingers, zoom around to see Parliament.


You can post a tweet or to Facebook in notification Center:

Safari now has a fullscreen mode, which looks even better on the iPhone 5.

iCloud Tabs shows you the four windows open back on your Mac.

Next is Mail. Added a feature called VIPs, which lets you mark people as VIPs and all message from them in the inbox are collected in one place.


Passbook is next. This is the way to collect all your passes in one place: movie tickets, airline boarding pass, coupon, store card with a balance, ticket for a concert.

Boarding pass automatically appears on the lockscreen when you’re nearby.
Shared photo streams. Create a photo stream and when you add photos to it it shares them to your friends. 
Comment on photos, and you can Like photos as well.

Siri’s been updated as well. Can answer sports questions – maybe just in the US.

Sports scores and standings.

You can launch apps by talking to your phone.

Ask for a movie recommendation, and it will return films sorted by rating.

Can also make reservations too. “Find a sushi restaurant for 4 around 8pm.”

Tap make reservation, and it’ll take you to Open Table.

Facebook’s integrated too, so you can post right from Siri.


There’s much more: Facebook integration throughout the OS, great enhancements to Phone app like automated SMS or iMessage back when you can’t answer the phone, FaceTime works over cellular data network. Great enhancements for accessibility, including Single App Mode. Only 10 of the more than 200 new features in iOS 6.

End of iOS 6.


Phil’s back. Recapping announcements. Showing a video now.

Jony Ive: ”With this unique relationship with your iPhone, we take changing it very seriously.”

Bob Mansfield:  ”It took an incredible cross-collaborative effort to do this.” This being making the phone 18% thinner.

Double-sided dock connector, thinner, more durable.

Mansfield: LTE could be faster than Wi-Fi



Video still going.

Jony Ive: Reminds him of the original iPhone.

Same price as the 4S!

Pre-orders start on September 14, and ships one week later in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

By end of calendar year, 100 countries, 240 carrier partners. Fastest phone rollout ever.


iTunes and iPods

Tim Cook back on stage.

In addition to announcing iPhone 5, there’s something near and dear to Apple’s heart that Tim’s going to talk about today. And that’s music.

Apple loves creating music products; it’s deeply embedded in their DNA. This is why they created iPod and iTunes.

Some exciting changes with both iPod and iTunes.

iTunes is first. Here’s Eddy Cue.

“Let’s talk about iTunes. The iTunes Store is the number one music store in the world, and offers more than 26 million songs. All of you have purchased and downloaded over 20 billion songs.”

Today, the iTunes Store is now available in 63 countries around the world.

With that, now have 435 million accounts all with one-click purchasing. All of these customers can easily shop from anywhere from iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or iTunes on Mac and PC.


More than 66% of their downloads come from iTunes devices. So all stores have been redesigned for iOS.

Beautiful new design on iPad. Everything is faster, with large showcases on top to show you things. TV shows, movies, App Store, and iBookstore. Also on iPhone 5.

Tap on charts to see top songs, things automaticaly. update as you scroll. Facebook Likes are integrated into every product page.

New stores on iOS are completely redesigned; faster, easier to use; you can preview a song and keep browsing, and it’ll keep playing; improved search results; and you can share directly to Facebook and Twitter.

All stores will be available with iOS 6 on September 19. 

iTunes was at the center of the digital hub, but iCloud changed all of that by keeping track of your purchases.

Now more than 200 million customers using iTunes in the Cloud, who have downloaded more than 15 billion items from the cloud.

Today, announcing a brand new version. Dramatically simpler, with iCloud built right in.


Jeff Robbin up to talk about the new desktop iTunes.

Beautiful new edge-to-edge design. Clicking on an album expands in place, automatically customises the look.

Each album comes with a feature called “in the store” so you can see top songs and albums from an artist, along with recommendations.

You can also browse your library by artist; click on them to just see those albums.

Artists can even share photos with you right in your library by clicking on Gallery.


Start to drag an album and you get a list of playlist that slides in on the right side, and you can drop the songs right there.

A new feature called “Up Next.” Click icon in the LCD and you can see what songs are coming up next. You can rearrange them or just double click one to hear it. (A little bit like Party Shuffle.)
You can rearrange the music queue 


Improved search as well; iTunes will search across entire library.

Improved the new mini-player too. There’s an icon in the top right corner. Miniplayer is totally redesigned; rollover for the controls.

iCloud’s built right in, so all purchases are right in your library. Switch to movies and you can see everything on your computer as well as what’s on iCloud.

You can pick up watching a movie right where you left off on one of your other devices.


There’s now Concert info in the store too, so you can see tour information and what concerts are near you.

That’s all from Jeff Robbin and iTunes.


Greg Joswiak is here to bring an update on the iPod

iPod’s changed the way we all listen to music, says Greg. iPod is most popular music player of all time. More than 350 million iPods.

iPod and music are part of the DNA of the company, exciting changes to the lineup today.

Nano, from the very beginning, was about the best ultraportable music experience. When looked to create a new iPod nano, wanted to reinvent it to make it an even better music player.

Nano will get the new dock connector.

Want to give it a really large display, really easy to use controls, thin and light and make it from lightweight high-quality materials, and the latest technologies like Lightning connector.

Seventh generation iPod nano is by far the best nano ever created. (Looks like a mini iOS device almost).

5.4mm thin. Almost 40% thinner than the one it replaces. Thinnest nano ever created. Really big, easy to use controls for volume, and play/pause without ever having to look at display.

But that’s the biggest display, at 2.5″, and it’s multitouch.

There’s now a Home button.

Comes in colours: white, black, purple, green, blue, yellow, and red/pink. Colour matched wallpaper on each model with the outside colour.

Full album art and touch controls on the screen; integrated FM tuner has live pause. And photos look great on the screen.
And widescreen video too
And added one of the biggest requests: Bluetooth. Stream music wirelessly to speakers, headphones, and even to car.

Longest battery life ever in a Nano, with up to 30 hours of music playback.

Next up, iPod touch.

All new, fifth generation iPod touch is here.
Only 6.1mm thin. Thinnest iPod touch ever, but almost as thin as iPod nano. It’s just 88 grams. Lightest iPod touch ever.
Made it out of anodized aluminium. On the bottom, headphone jack, speaker, and headphone connector.

Retina display, same 4-inch screen in the iPhone 5. Increase screen size without sacrificing any portability or one-handed operation.

Bigger display great for music, widescreen video, and great for gaming

A5 processor with dual-core, up to 2x CPU, and dual core graphics that boosts graphics by up to 7x over A4.

Now a game developer to show off what you can do with the new hardware.
Clumsy Ninja, a next-generation interactive toy running on iPod touch.
 iPod touch can calculate all motions and reactions in real time.
Still showing the game demo.
Back to the tech:
 40 hours of music playback on the touch. Up to 8 hours of video playback.
The camera. iPod touch customers like to shoot pictures and video. For the first time, they’re building in an iSight camera. 5 megapixels, and it’s the latest technology for sensors and lenses. Autofocus and LED flash for the first time. Just like the iPhone 5, it has a sapphire crystal lens cover.
It has the panorama feature.
But there’s more! May have noticed a little circle on the back of the iPod touch. A feature called iPod touch loop. Push it, it pops up and you can attach a wrist strap to your iPod touch.
Strange to announce a wristband during the event!
HD video is better as well. 1080p HD video recording, image stabilization, and face detection
Improved front camera to a FaceTime HD camera, 720p HD video, backside illumination, face detection, etc.
Improved wireless capabilities as well. Upgrade Bluetooth to 4.0 with low energy. 802.111 a/b/g/n and dual band N, with up to 150Mbps performance.
Feeling similar to the iPhone 5
AirPlay Mirroring for the first time on the iPod touch.
Naturally, it’s running iOS 6, too.
And it’s got Siri.
Comes in colours: Silver black, blue, yellow, and red.
Turn attention to something else important to music, and that’s speakers.
 Doing a great headphone is hard, because ears are really really challenging. But you gotta make one size fit all.
Spent three years in designing an entirely new headphone. EarPods.
The headphones are going to start shipping as a standalone accessory starting today.
US Pricing:
Tim’s back.
Beginning his review.
“A whole new lineup of all-new music players.”
“A completely new iTunes with a redesigned music player, seamless integration with iCloud”
 ”When you look at each of these, they are incredibly industry-leading innovations by themselves. But what sets them apart and what places Apple way ahead of the competition is how they work so well together.”
“Apple has never been stronger, and that’s because of the dedication and creativity of employees throughout the world.”
 ”Whenever we have a music event, we like to remind ourselves and our customers of why we do what we do. And there’s no better way to do that than to have one of our favourite musical artists performance.”
“They’ve won 11 Grammy awards, including 5 in the last year alone.” “And if you haven’t seen them before, you’ve been about to discover why.”
The Foo Fighters will perform.
Singing: ‘Times Like These’
Onto their third song now. Things seem to be ending.
That’s it folks, thanks for getting up and tuning in. For in-depth analysis of Apple’s newly unveiled products stay tuned to the Macworld Australia website throughout the week.

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    It’s amazing how Apple, who was formerly a master of cover up and surprise, has become so permeable lately. I miss those days of watching a mystery essential and feeling authentic wonder when something totally new is make public. Gone are the days when buying Apple was just a dream. With technology cropping up, new methods to shop online have changed the entire buying experience of the customers. And of course, recently the attention has turned to music. With all the new iPod releases, people are now craving to accessorise their music players. Apple headphones have recently been a talk of the town with one size fit all concept that is pretty new in the accessory world.

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