Live Blog – Apple Special Event 9 September 2015

Anthony Caruana
10 September, 2015
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3:00 - Tim Cook opens the event with promises of “monster announcements”.

3:05 – Apple Watch update starts with a few customer testomonails. Customer satisfaction is at 97 percent. Tim Cook introduces Jeff Williams to talk about Apple Watch.

There are over 10,000 Watch apps in the app store. Native apps that can display video and access the hardware. Facebook Messenger, GoPro, iTtranslate and AirStrip were shown off. The big news is new models.

AirStrip is a healthcare app, used by physicians to monitor patients and collect data from patients.

3:12 – New Apple Watches. New colours with gold, rose gold and anodised aluminium as well as new bands. There’s a Product(red) edition as well.

Watch OS2 will be available on 16 September

3:18 – Tim Cook is back, talking iPad

“The biggest news in iPad since the iPad – here we go!” iPad Pro time.

Phil Schiller tells us what you can do with a bigger iPad

The display is 12.9in – the same height as the iPad Air’s width. 5.6M pixels – more than a 15in macBook Pro with Retina Display.

“The most advanced display we’ve ever built”

New processor – A9x Chip. “Desktop class performance,” says Schiller

“Faster than 80 percent of the portable PCs that shipped.”

Can edit three streams of 4K video at the same time.

10 hours of battery life.

Four speaker audio system. Speakers are dynamically balanced depending on how the device is held.

“6.9mm thin” – that’s less than 1mm thicker than the iPad Air. It weighs the same as the first iPad.

New iPad pro accessory – the Smart Keyboard. Uses the same sort of switching as the MacBook.

The iPad Pro uses a new connector – the Smart Connector. It carries data and power. Three small magnetic circles.

There’s the Apple Pencil – another iPad Pro accessory. It was introduced with a video narrated by Appel design guru Jony Ive.

Apple Pencil detects position, force and tilt. Screen refresh rate increases so the Pencil is very precise. Battery life is “hours” but can recharge from the iPad Pro. Let’s you “touch a single pixel” according to the video.

Comment – this will be a killer feature for corporate users

Demos start with Microsoft - Kirk Koenigsbauer

A bunch of new pen tools have been added to support Apple Pencil for annotating.

Split Screen with Excel and Word side by side looks pretty slick.

3:40 – Now it’s Eric Snowden from Adobe

Three apps on show – Adobe Comp is first up for creating documents. Impressive – looks a little like InDesign for iPad.

Another new app – Photoshop Fix. Can handle 50MP images for retouching.

Finishes up with Adobe Sketch.

New apps from Adobe ship in October

3:44 – 3D 4Medical’s Irene Walsh

Lets doctors, students and patients see what’s happening inside the body with high-res rendering of anatomy. Pencil can be used to do virtual dissections.

It’s pretty impressive – Walsh showed how it was possible to show patients the effects of injuries.

US Pricing: iPad Pro: $iPad Pro: 32GB is $799. 64GB is $949. 128GB is $1079. Out in November. Silver, Gold and Space Grey

Apple Pencil: $99

Smart Keyboard – $169

New iPad Mini 4 is out as well. iPad Air processor gives it a speed bump.

3:55  - Time Cook is back – TV time!

TV consumption is increasingly through apps. “We need a new foundation for TV.”

The new Apple TV is up.

“Siri, show me something new.”

The new controller looks impressive – TV remote, game controller, touch interface.

Eddie Cue is up to do his piece of the show and tell.

The new remote has a glass touch surface, there’s a Siri button.

LOL – “show me funny movies” produced Mad Max: Fury Road!

Impressively – Siri searching works across different content providers so you get search results from iTunes, Netflix and other services

Apple TV now has an App Store.

The Apple TV interface has been given serious update – looks much cleaner and reflects the squarer, flatter look we see in iOS

tvOS is based on iOS. Uses the same dev tools that iOS creators have been using.

Lots of new apps including health, games, AirBNB and bunch of others.

Great to see local, Melbourne developers of Crossy Road on stage

Multi-player mode comes to Apple TV.

A new exclusive Apple TV game called Beat Sport lets you use the new remote like the Wii wireless controller. Supports up to four players using iPhones, iPod touch as controller.

Online retailer Gilt shows off their app. Not surprisingly,  online shopping is a focus area for Apple TV apps.

We move to sports now with Major League baseball. Full HD video at 6fps, live stats, scores from other games – all the stuff TV stations try to do, but you get to customise what you see. Also, split screen to watch multiple games at the same time.

4:20 – Handoff between Apple TV, iPad and iPhone – so you can play a game on one device and continue on the others – “very cool” says Eddie Cue.

Old Apple TV gets a price drop US$69

New Apple TV comes in October

4:24 – iPhone time

Phone sales growth 3.5 times rest of industry, 75 percent growth in China while rest of the market fell.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. Same on the outside, apparently totally different on the inside

Rose Gold is now a colour option

4:29 – Phil Schiller is back.

Custom Apple aluminium alloy.

New glass – more durable.

Moving on from multi-touch to 3DTouch.

Another Jony Ive narrated product video.

3DTouch enables new gestures – peak and pop.

Works on app icons. 3D Touch the camera app icon and you can quickly snap a selfie! 3DTouch the messages icon to quickly compose a message.

Demo by Craig Federighi of 3DTouch.

3DTouch for email proves looks useful. Quickly preview, respond or file a message. Also picks up times, flight numbers and other information in messages that you can “go deeper” on with 3DTouch.

Opinion – iOS 9 with 3DTouch leap frogs pretty much all the other smartphones on the market.

Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and others have updated their apps for 3DTouch.

New, faster hardware.

We know that health and fitness is a big deal to Tim Cook. The M9 motion coprocessor is now always on and integrated into A9 processor. New TouchID sensor. The camera still has that ring around it. The new camera is 12MP – some new camera tech to reduce the noise (deep trench isolation). Better, faster auto-focus.

Schiller shows off some un-retouched images shot with the new iPhone 6S. Very impressive.

iPhone can now shoot in 4K – 8M pixels per frame. Can shoot and edit 4K video on the phone.

Front camera is 5MP.

The display is now used as a Retina Flash to match the ambient light, like the main flash on the back of the iPhone.

Live Photos – uses 3DTouch to create live photos – looks like a cross between Vine and Instagram. Short video of the time when you shot the photo. Include sound as well as the video. Supported on all devices and can be used as a watchface on Apple Watch.

LTE, WiFi get speed bumps.

Schiller touts the new Apple app in the Android Store to help switchers.

New cases and docks

US pricing – same as previous generation

Pre-orders open this week with availability at the end of the month. Australia is in first group of countries.

iOS 9 available on 16 September.

New iCloud deals – (US pricing still)


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