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Tim Grey
3 March, 2011
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6.15: That looks like it’s about it for the announcements this morning. Thanks for getting up early with us! As a reward, here’s some of the first product shots to come in from Apple:

6.13: Steve believes software, hardware, apps need to intertwine in a more seamless way than they do on a PC. “We think we’re on the right track with this,” he says. “”I think we stand a pretty good chance of being competitive in this market.”

6.12:  Steve Jobs: ”It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough. That it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our hearts sing.”

5.57: Showing off a virtual drumkit on Garage Band: “Another great feature of these drums is that your kids can play them…with headphones on.”

5.56: Info on the iPad 2 is now up online at!

5.53: Garage Band keyboard has dynamics: tap it softly for quiet notes, or harder for louder, along with a sustain button to tap and hold or you can slide and lock it.

5.50: Next up is Garage Band for iPad. It features touch instruments, or you can plug in guitar and play. There’s Guitar amps and effects, 8 track recording and mixing, 250+ loops to add, and you can e-mail AAC file of your song. There’s even a sampler. It’s also compatible with the Mac version.

5.49: New iMovie for iPad features a share butting which lets you send to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, CNN iReport, and to iTunes.

5.45: Steve Jobs introduces iMovie for iPad, which features a precision editor, multitrack audio recording, themes, AirPlay, and gives you the ability to share videos in HD. “This is not a toy,” says Steve. “You can really edit movies on this thing.”

5.43: “We like to do applications because it gives us feedback about what it’s like to be an app developer…but also it can set the bar,” says Steve, suggesting that Apple’s software gives third-party devs something to aspire to.

5.40: Scott Forstall is demoing Photoboth with the front-facing camera, and showing off  FaceTime between two iPads, between an iPad and iPhone/iPod touch, and between iPad and a Mac.

iOS 4.3 will be free to download on March 11, and it supports all iPads, iPhone (GSM), and third- and fourth-generation iPod touch.

5.38: Seems like Apple has been listening to the punters griping – there’s a preference for the switch on the side of the iPad – you can now use the slider either for a mute or a rotation lock.

5.37: iPad 2 has iTunes home sharing, which lets you get all of your music and media from home via a wireless network and play it over your iPad. That’s vvery very nice.

5.35: iPad 2 will ship with iOS 4.3, which will significantly increase Safari performance. Apple took the Nitro JavaScript engine from Mac OS X and moved it on top of iOS. Now, iOS runs JavaScript 2x as fast as before.

5.33: ‘Smart covers’ add minimal weight and thickness, merely covering the top of the ipad, and it cleans the screens with micro-fibres when you movie it.

5.32: Apple says it went through all this trouble to make a beautiful design and covered up with a case, which added thickness and made it more difficult to use with accessories.They’ve been developing ‘smart covers’ which automatically wakes up the iPad from sleep when you open it, puts the iPad to sleep when you close it.

5.30: The dock connector has a HDMI video out accessory, which is really, really cool. It supports up to 1080p video out.

5.30: And we’ll see the iPad 2 in Australia on March 25!

5.28 Amazingly, the thing is shipping on March 11! That’s an incredible turnaround, obviously Apple’s well prepared to meet the demand this time, learning a thing or two from the first iPad launch.

5.26: iPad comes in black and white. “And we’re shipping white from day one.” says Steve.

5.25: Thinner than the iPhone 4, the new iPad is 8.8mm thinner than the old iPad, and it’s lighter, slimming down from 1.5lbs to 1.3lbs. It’s too early to do imperial to metric conversion in my head.

5.23 There’s front AND rear facing cameras in this babies.

5.22: “But we haven’t been resting on our laurels.” Today they’re introducing iPad 2. Hooray! It’s dramatically faster, with an ‘A5′ chip
Dual-core processor, up to 2x faster CPU. All out on graphics performance: up to 9x faster graphics. “The graphics on this thing are wonderful.”

5.19: 2011, muses Mr. Jobs, may well be the year of the copycats

5:16: Press are being shown a video about the iPad’s applications, with representatives from schools and medical centres saying how much they love it.

5.14: Steve’s praising Apple’s retail stores for helping them to roll out tech so fast, aiding in the success of the iPad. Built to take new tech and roll it out and educate customers, and be there when they have questions and issues. Hundreds of Apple Store. “Without these stores, I don’t think we would have been successful either.”

5.12: Steve says he’s here to speak about the latest post-PC product from Apple, the iPad. It generated $9.5 billion in revenue in nine months of 2010. “We’ve never had a product that got off to that fast a start. Many have said this is the most successful consumer product ever launched.”

5.08: First up it’s iBooks. As we predicted on Monday, the last of the major publishers not yet on the iPad, Random House, is bringing its over 17,000 books to iBookstore making for over 2500 books via iBookstore. Neat!

5.04: And Steve Jobs is in the house! He says he didn’t want to miss today’s event! The crowd goes bananas!

5.02: GuyKawasaki obviously had this one loaded up… RT @GuyKawasaki: Steve Jobs shows off Apple II Very funny, Dad….

4:56: Good morning ladies, gentlemen and Apple fanatics! We’re up and maybe even awake for this morning’s mysterious announcement from Apple. In the Yerba Buena theater in San Francisco the Beatles are bumping on the stereo at full tilt. Seems like Apple’s still pretty stoked about Apple Records dropping that lawsuit. No iPads yet.

Rumours of the iPad 2 have been swirling since we first got a glimpse of that first ‘magical and revolutionary’ device, but it seems as though the time has come for us find out what’s in store for Apple’s tablet. Most pundits are predicting only an incremental update, with an improved processor, thinner body and better sound, but the optimists among us are holding out for a retina screen, HDMI and SD ports and Thunderbolt compatibility (plus all of the other things). But thankfully, the speculation in almost at an end. We’ll be updating on Apple’s announcement as news comes to hand, so keep refreshing for the latest.

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