Life in the old dog yet – the iPhone 4s continues to thrive

Madeleine Swain
15 May, 2014
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Popular opinion regarding the purchase of iPhones would have us believe that, with Apple fans, it’s all about the latest and shiniest, but figures released this week in a note to investors from analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham and Company negates this, by underlining the continuing popularity of the iPhone 4s, a version first released in 2011.

Apple’s latest iPhones are the 5c and 5s, which were released in September last year. On their launch, Apple ceased selling the iPhone 5, but kept the 4s in line with its usual policy of retaining older phones at a lower price point in its line-up.

Apple doesn’t give breakdowns of sales figures of individual phone models, but has gone on record as stating that the 4s experienced strong sales in the most recent March quarter. It also revealed that the average selling price of the smartphone in the last quarter in the US was US$596. This can be divided into US$650 for the iPhone 5s, US$550 for the 5c and US$450 for the 4s.

Wolf broke this down into percentages – suggesting that the 5s took 71 percent of sales, the 5c just four percent, leaving the 4s with a very creditable 25 percent.

One thing Apple has said is that not only is the 4s continuing to sell well, but that it also is a major drawcard for new users to the Apple ecosystem. According to its records, 85 percent of people who bought the phone were new to the iPhone platform. Wolf equates this to meaning that the 4s alone netted 10 million brand new iPhone customers in the March quarter.

When the 4s launched in October 2011, its defining features were the introduction of Siri, along with an improved camera and faster internal components than its immediate predecessor, the iPhone 4.


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