Leaked video shows working iPhone 5 running iOS 6

Macworld Australia Staff
6 September, 2012
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Just days before it’s official announcement, a video of a working iPhone 5 running iOS 6 has been leaked online, and according to various sources the footage is the real deal.

First posted on Vgoo.com, the one-and-a-half-minute clip shows the purported white iPhone 5 booting up Apple’s unreleased iOS 6, next to the current iPhone 4S model.

The sixth-generation design is significantly taller than the iPhone 4S, in keeping with ongoing rumours about its size, and is also markedly thinner than its predecessor.

Upon start up, the alleged iPhone 5 halts, displaying the unlock screen and the following message:

“This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program. If you are a member of the program, please register your device in the @@url@@”

According to a report from MIC Gadget, the iPhone 5 was “accidentally discovered” in a Foxconn Jinxheng factory, prompting many Apple sites, including Cult of Mac to suggest the device was smuggled from the premises, rendering it stolen property.

Additional photos of the new model featured in the video can be seen below:

[Image source: Vgoo.com]

While Apple has not commented on the leaked video, or confirmed that the device shown is indeed its iPhone 5, the general consensus online is that the evidence is legitimate.

What do you think – is this video genuine or a last-minute prank before the big launch on September 12?



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  1. Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com says:

    I hope it’s fake like the others. Would be disappointing to see a “taller and thinner iPhone 4S” design and that was it

    But only a week away now, let’s see. With all these hypes, people might get disappointed (or excited) when they see the real deal

  2. Gerard says:

    I’d love to think it is a prank, but it does look convincing, although it would not be hard to mock up a shell and then overlay the startup sequence onto the screen, especially as you don’t see any interaction with the screen.

  3. Lachlan Hamilton says:

    I don’t understand why people will be disappointed if the iPhone doesn’t see a major design change. Apple have always been about beautiful and simple design – not about changing their design every release. We’re seeing an evolution in the iPhone design. Functionality is more likely to see a bigger change, such as 4G (despite the fact it probably won’t work in Australia). When they redesigned the Macbook Pro, and released it with Retina Display, they pretty much redesigned the guts of the computer – so that it worked better and more efficiently. I’ve no doubt that they’re evolving the current design to make it the best it can be, until they can think of a better way to make a phone. This should not be disappointing.

  4. Randy says:

    Im getting this i love the 4s desing all i want is the bigger screen and 4g

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