LaCie to shut down Wuala cloud storage service

Anthony Caruana
19 August, 2015
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LaCie has been a long-time favourite provider of external storage for Mac owners. But with the evolution of cloud storage services, the need for desktop storage has changed with desktop and network storage seen as complementary to online storage solutions. LaCie sought to get into that game when it acquired Wuala. However, since then, LaCie has been acquired by storage giant Western Digital Seagate.

Correction: LaCie was acquired by Seagate and not Western Digital.

Given Western Digital’s own cloud storage services and their integration with other services such as Dropbox, it makes sense to trim away services that are not heavily used or duplicate other offerings they already have.

Today, we read in a blog post by LaCie that Wuala is to be closed down.

The critical dates, if you’re using the service are:

  • 17 August 2015: No further renewals or purchase of storage
  • 30 September 2015: Wuala service will transition to read-only
  • 15 November 2015: Wuala service terminates and all data stored in the Wuala cloud will be deleted

Our advice is to get your data out of there as soon as possible.

Accoridng to Wuala, customers with an active prepaid annual subscription can receive a refund for any unused subscription fees that will be pro-rated based on when your subscription was set to expire even though the full service will remain active until 30 September 2015 and your data will be available until 15 November 2015.  Refunds will be automatically processed and issued to eligible customers in coming weeks.  Some exceptions apply with more information available from

Wuala has done a deal with Tresorit – a provider of end-to-end encrypted cloud storage for businesses and individuals and has a discount  code (WUALA15) if you’re interested.



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  1. PCS says:

    This makes me glad I’m not on Wuala, but it seems strange to me that WD isn’t automatically transferring Wuala clients to their cloud storage, maintaining goodwill and potentially increasing their customer base at the same time, instead of alienating people as this surely will.

    This should also remind people not to trust cloud storage for anything really important, i.e. to be sure you have a local backup. That’s one thing I like about Dropbox, there’s a local copy on each computer connected to your Dropbox (though not on Android tablets) so you have the security of a local backup, plus an ongoing backup of that if you’re using Time Machine.

  2. Norton says:

    I thought LaCie was bought out by Seagate.

  3. Ray Constantine says:

    Local backup, local backup, local backup.

    THEN, and only then, cloud storage.

    Love you, Dropbox.

  4. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Yep – mea culpa. I made a mistake and have corrected the story. I can only blame the increased concentration of blood in the caffeine running through my body for the error!

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