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Macworld Australia Staff
7 July, 2013
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The New York Post revealed this week that Apple may have an unexpected trademark battle on its hands. And on home soil at that. After a flurry of applications around the world to trademark the iWatch in countries like Russia, Japan, Turkey, Mexico and Colombia, it seems that the name has already been the subject of a trademark application in the US.

A company called OMG Electronics in Fresno California has filed papers with the US Patent and Trademark Office and is in the throes of bringing a mobile device to market with that very name.

OMG distributes a range of smartwatches, including one that already has the name iWatch, which retails for US$249.99. On its website OMG says, “We are an ‘American Based’ company that has over 20 years’ experience in the cellular phone industry. Our company is directly partnered with one of the largest manufacturers of these amazing Smart Phone Watches in the world.”

The iWatch on OMG's website.

According to the New York Post, the company has also produced a YouTube video in which a spokesperson says, “The power and fun of a smartphone can now be on your wrist. I’m Mike, and this is the iWatch. It’s an amazing blend of form and function.”

If, or should that be when, Apple’s lawyers decide to fight for the name, they will certainly have form in this area. Previously, the company has pursued lawsuits over a variety of trademark names with ‘i’ in front of them, including ‘iFone’, ‘iCloud’ and ‘iBooks’ – with mixed results.

by Macworld staff

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