iTunes Rewind 2010 rounds up the year in apps

Macworld Australia Staff
10 December, 2010
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As 2010 draws to a close, one fact remains: despite some exciting discoveries, this wasn’t the year we made contact. Still, it’s the end of a year – and a decade – so of course it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect. If you’re having trouble remembering just what we were up to this year, let Apple help: the company published its iTunes Rewind for 2010, recapping the top music, TV shows, apps, movies, audiobooks, and podcasts of the year.

While we’ll leave it to you to browse and argue over the accolades iTunes has bestowed in the media categories, much of this year’s attention went to an arena very near and dear to our own hearts: apps.

App, App, Hooray! Hipstamatic, Plants vs. Zombies, Flipboard, and Osmos for iPad.

Apple gave out awards for both the best iPhone and iPad apps as well as the best iPhone and iPad games. For the iPhone, the clever photo app Hipstamatic took home top honours, with the popular Plants vs. Zombies nabbing game of the year. On the iPad side, the innovative RSS reader Flipboard walked away with the gold, and Osmos for iPad was deemed the game of the year for Apple’s tablet device.

This year, for the first time, Apple also identified some trends among mobile apps, picking more than a dozen themes for each device and assembling related app collections. For the iPhone, that included apps that let you shoot and share pictures (Pano, Instagram, and more); augmented reality apps like Star Walk – 5 stars astronomy guide and Citysearch Australia; food apps such as Margaret Fulton – Christmas and 20 Minute Meals – Jamie Oliver; cloud apps such as Dropbox and LogMeIn Ignition; quick fix games like Fruit Ninja and the ubiquitous Angry Birds; and, of course, zombies!

If you were wondering what iPad users were up to in the eight months since the device’s release, they were making art with Uzu and Brushes – iPad Edition, keeping up with the news using The Early Edition and Instapaper, being productive with the likes of Pages and Jot!, playing Flight Control HD and Cut the Rope HD, and reading magazines like Wired.

Finally, Apple also revealed 2010’s top downloaded apps, both free and paid, as well as the top grossing apps for both the iPhone and iPad.

Apple also broke down the most popular apps for iPhone and iPad in each of its store categories – but don’t worry, we’re not about to recount them all here. Overall, it’s a fascinating snapshot of what the average iPhone or iPad users are doing on their devices, a reminder of just how complex and capable our technology has become, and a round-up of great apps to try out, if you haven’t already.

Check them all out in iTunes.

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