It’s time to move forward again

Anthony Caruana
19 April, 2018
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Over the last week or so, Apple has lobbed some not-too-subtle grenades over the wall, setting us know that the next version of macOS is likely to bring some pain for users and developers.

The update to macOS 10.13.4 that was recently released will pop up a warning when you open a 32-bit application. That’s a sure sign that the next version of macOS, which will be unveiled at the company;’s annual developer conference, WWDC, in June this year will no longer support older applications.

That accomplishes a couple of things for Apple. It means they won’t have to support both 32-bit and 64-bit applications in the next version of macOS, thereby making it easier to manage the development of macOS, and it forces developers to either update old apps that they haven’t updated or they’ll be removed from Apple’s macOS App Store.

For us, it means that some older applications might no longer work if you upgrade to the next release of macOS. I know many of you, based on the recent messages I’ve received, like to hold on to older devices and older applications. But if you are planning to move to the latest version of macOS later this year when it’s released and are running older apps, then it’s worth reading the article below on the move as it explains how to check f you have any 32-bit applications installed.

Apple doesn’t usually do a bad job at these sorts of moves but they always come with some pain. Each new version of macOS causes some applications to fail. One of my friends, who is in a band has kept an older MacBook pro running a very old version of OS X as updates rendered the music equipment he connects to the device useless. So, it has stayed on an older version of OS X (which was renamed to macOS a couple of years ago) and disconnected from the Internet in case it has any security problems and to ensure that nothing updates automatically.

So, while we’d all like to move forward, some of us will have to move more slowly than others.

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