It’s not just cars racing around in circles

Anthony Caruana
26 March, 2018
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I spent a really interesting last week at Melbourne’s Albert Park, behind the scenes of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. While I was there, I chatted with members of the Williams team, chatting about the technology that underpins every decision they make in order to make their car do more and, hopefully, win a race.

And while that may seem a long way from us, sitting in our homes and office on our Macs, there are some interesting lessons and parallels.

Graeme Hackland, the CIO of the Williams team, chatted about the need for any technology that he brings to the team to focussed purely on what benefit it can bring to the team’s engineers and, therefore, the performance of the car on the track. He told me every decision, from what email system the teams uses through to how they manage their network, is framed by one question – how can it make the team better.

I often think that we can be distracted by new shiny objects that freed our desire for new gadgets but, ultimately, don’t make our lives better or businesses more successful. Each year, Apple, and others, release new gizmos that are marketed in a way that makes us think we need them.

But, when we strip those messages back and think about what we really need, the reality is very different.

It’s making me add a new question whenever a new gadget catches my eye. How will this make my life better? If the answer isn’t convincing then the wallet will stay closed.

So, if you’re into watching cars drive around in circles (clearly, I’m not an F1 aficionado), spare a though for the technology that ensures those cars stay on the track for as long as possible. That’s not about the latest and greatest all the time.

Sometimes, tech is about what works.

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