File under... in this day and age, you really think someone would know better.

Leaping to the now standard defence of, 'Good gracious, I've been hacked!', London's forme">

Is this a former member’s current member?

Macworld Australia Staff
27 September, 2013
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File under… in this day and age, you really think someone would know better.

Leaping to the now standard defence of, ‘Good gracious, I’ve been hacked!’, London’s former deputy mayor, Richard Barnes, is facing ridicule and embarrassment after photos of a man’s naked lower half appeared on his Facebook page.

The shots show a man in all his not-so-glorious glory either half dressed (the top half, sadly) or completely in the buff. The latter photo received 98 ‘likes’ and 21 comments, but Facebook’s settings still don’t let people tick a box for ‘threw up a little bit in my mouth’ or ‘ROTFL’, so it’s hard to judge exactly what the reaction was.

Though the photos have now been deleted from Barnes’ page, three of them were captured and have been reproduced on trending, but thankfully with some pixellation.

Barnes, the former Conservative member (ho ho) for Hillingdon and Ealing in London, was furious, telling The Metro newspaper, “[It was] utterly and totally a mistake. I’ve been hacked into. I’ve no idea [what happened]. I’m annoyed and shaking with anger.”

He then added, “I’m a 65-year-old gay man on his own… It’s not the sort of thing I do. Do you really think I would be that f****** stupid after 30 years in politics?”

He also told the UK’s Daily Mail‘s website,, “‘I know my sheet is clean. You just have to ride the storm. But I trust my 30-year record stands for what it is. It’s just sad that I can be a target. I’m hacked off, to pardon the pun. These things happen.”

But as, Richard Pawley, a commenter on, claimed, “He wasn’t ‘hacked’… he’s got an iPhone running iOS 7 with a well-known bug that Apple haven’t fixed yet.” Pawley also included a link to a YouTube clip to expand his point.

And, of course, as another commenter, Tom Kelsall, reasonably pointed out, “The iPhone may well UPLOAD pics without asking permission, and that’s bad. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t TAKE pictures without asking? Does it? I mean, he had to be in the camera app and pressing the shutter for this to occur, right?”

In case, you were wondering, when Barnes was deputy between 2008 and 2012, the Lord Mayor at the time was, naturally, Boris Johnson (really, this stuff just writes itself).

by Macworld Australia staff

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