Is Apple planning to design a watch?

Joyce See
11 August, 2012
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With Apple TV sales up 170 percent in this year’s third quarter, the Apple set-top box is proving to be a huge success. It also suggests potential for an actual Apple Television – a market that analysts say is ripe for disruption. But, there is another market that could do with some Apple attention, suggests a report. Could Apple transform our wrists with a watch?

The concept really isn’t that foreign, with iPod nano users being able to wear their nano as a wristwatch and it’s no secret that Apple is fond of reinventing everyday products.

There are endless possibilities if Apple were to come up with a wristwatch. The Apple watch could be integrated seamlessly with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and possibly your Mac. Instead of having to rummage through your bag for your iPhone, you could, potentially, receive all sorts of notifications on your wrist.

The purported watch might also be Siri-enabled, allowing you further accessibility, as Disgracefully Competent suggests.

What do you think – is an Apple-branded watch something we’re likely to see in the future? And, if so, what other features do you want to see? Let us know in the comments field below.


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  1. Paul Lukabyo says:

    Sony Ericsson has, for quite a while now, had a series of watches that complements their phone range. It would be great to see an Apple equivalent.

  2. udi says:

    given that there are now at least 3 smart watches that connect with and complement smartphones, suggesting that apple may invent the category is quite a stretch. I wouldn’t be surprised though if the corporate behemoth managed to take a dominant position in the market with its unbeatable marketing savvy. give it a few years and they will no doubt be claiming to have thought of the idea first.

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