Is Apple boring?

Anthony Caruana
25 January, 2017
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I recently read a story, quoting a former Apple employee saying that Tim Cook has made Apple into a “boring operations company”. Now, former employees are ‘former’ for many reasons with employee or employer dissatisfaction high on the list.

So, I take such claims with a grain of salt. But if Apple was to become ‘boring’, would that be a bad thing?

One thing being boring breeds is predictability. On one hand, Apple is predictable. We can expect an iPhone upgrade each year, around September. We can expect a new version of Apple’s four operating systems to be announced at WWDC each year in June with commercial release about three months later.

That predictability is good.

On the other hand, not knowing when a new Mac Pro will be released, if ever, is bad. With no schedule, we’re left wondering whether the incredibly-innovative-when-it-was-released Mac Pro is now an abandoned product.

Personally, I’d be happy with some boring. It would handy to know incremental upgrades to the various Mac computers were happening. I use a Mac mini as my office workhorse and it has not been upgraded by Apple in ages. I ended up paying a tech to replace the hard drive with an SSD to give it a big performance bump so it will last a few more years.

The MacBook Air seems to be in limbo as well. The MacBook Pro and MacBook have rendered the Air somewhat redundant. It’s only saving grace is price.

While unpredictability can add some excitement to life, it also leaves customers feeling that they’re in limbo. Many people I know are shifting away from the Mac and moving to Windows as the hardware is generally of a much higher specification, upgraded regularly and Windows 10 is at least as good as macOS in most ways and superior in some (Cortana on Windows 10 is a leap forward over Siri in macOS).

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  1. Corin says:

    Predictability in a company such as Apple is I guess a problem. I think constant leaks of upcoming products such that events to announce anything is almost pointless as is only to back up rumours that even CNET have taken to publishing now. The product line gets minor tweaks to satiate the faithful, but ultimately there’s not been much released since Steve Jobs passed save the Apple Watch, and frankly its design is ugly and uninspired.

    I wonder if we look too much to fault Cook for these faults and should instead look to Ive, he’s head of design at Apple and has been for a very long time. Is Ive just tired and does Apple need someone new to lead this area? Someone with fresh ideas and a passion to inspire those they’ll lead. I think so.

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