Is a Google credit card on the way?

Cassandra Khaw
5 November, 2012
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Who needs NFC to use Google Wallet when you can wield a physical Google Wallet card instead?

According to Android Police , who received the information from an anonymous tipster, Google is working on a physical Google Wallet card that will function exactly like a regular credit card with one crucial exception: it will charge to whatever is currently the default card on your Google Wallet account. Feel like switching the default from Citibank to HSBC? Completely possible. In short, it’s potentially the one-step solution to having a dozen cards in your purse or wallet. And, as an added bonus for the lazy, it looks like the card will be mailed straight to your house after requesting one through the app.

There’s more, of course. It looks like the ability to deposit and withdraw money from a ‘Wallet Balance’ is currently being added, along with person-to-person money transfers and transit card functionalities. Sadly, before anyone out of the US gets excited, it looks like most of these new features won’t be available overseas.

Google Wallet hasn’t exactly seen a stellar adoption rate, though having a physical card tied to your Google Wallet account could be the turning point the company needs to get more people using its service—provided its all true of course. The screenshots certainly look legitimate but without an official source, it’s always wise to take this sort of news with a grain of salt.

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