iPod update coming soon?

Jared Newman
28 June, 2011
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The latest Apple chatter suggests an upgrade is on the way for the iPod touch – and that could mean the company’s new mobile operating system iOS 5 running on it.

If that happens, it wouldn’t really be a surprise. Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch tend to run the same processors and sport similar features.

Still, Apple blogs are abuzz with what could be the first sign of next-generation iPod touch hardware. Buried within the code for iOS 5 is a reference to ‘iPod 4.2.’ Given that the current iPod Touch is identified as ‘iPod 4.1,’ this could suggest that Apple’s next media player could be a minor evolutionary upgrade – or this could just be an odd bit of code that means nothing.

Apple has already broken its tradition this year by not launching a new iPhone in the summer, as the company has done for the last three years. Rumours suggest that the iPhone 5 will launch in September, so perhaps Apple will introduce a new iPod touch at the same time.

Last year, both devices got a 1 GHz A4 processor, ‘Retina’ displays and front-facing cameras (although the iPod touch’s cameras are of lower quality than the iPhone 4). This year, the iPhone 5 is rumoured to get a dual-core processor and better cameras, so it is possible the iPod touch could get similar upgrades.

But hardware will ultimately take a backseat to software, with Apple planning to launch iOS 5 this fall. The new software includes PC-free setup, Twitter integration, better notifications and iMessage, which lets iOS send text messages without a service plan. Apple will also launch iCloud, an online service for wireless backup, document storage and syncing of iTunes songs across devices. It’ll be more of a surprise if Apple doesn’t launch new iPod Touch hardware to take advantage of these features.

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  1. Dan says:

    September is when Apple hold there music keynote and that’s when we see new iPods, iTunes and any other music related products. If this is the case I’m wondering if the will release iOS5 GM on the day and have a public release a week or two after.

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