iPod Classic supplies indicate potential update or discontinuation

Grace Robinson
9 February, 2011
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The iPod Classic may soon be revised or even discontinued, according to AppleBitch who have pointed to a change in shipping times and low stock levels as a preemptive move by Apple.

‘The Apple Store shows that the silver iPod Classic now ships in 1-3 days, down from 24 hours last week. In addition, Best Buy has updated their website to say that the device is backordered for 1-2 weeks (last week it was shipped in 1 day) and Target also has it backordered for 2-4 weeks.’

At this stage only the silver version has been affected, with the darker coloured model relatively unchanged.

The last update of the Classic was in September, 2009.  It was thought that further revision would take place in 2010, though it never occurred.

One theory is that Apple will finally make updates to the iPod Classic, considering incorporating Toshiba’s new series of 1.8” hard drives, released last month. This would increase model capacity from 160GB to 220GB.

There is also talk that the Classic may be phased out. Over the past few years, Apple has focused on using flash memory in many of its mobile devices; the launch of the next generation MacBook Air shows a move away from hard drives in laptops. In addition, the iPhone 5will reportedly have 64GB of flash storage to match the current model of iPod Touch. With the next generation of iPod Touch said to have an increased capacity of 128GB, there is a possibility that Apple will discontinue the iPod Classic in a bid to support these updates.

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  1. Ian says:

    Uh, I hope not cuz I just bought a new 160gb :(

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