iPhone is Australia’s most popular smartphone

Xavier Verhoeven
7 December, 2010
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Feel like you’re constantly seeing iPhones every time you leave the house? There’s a reason for that: Apple is now the number one smartphone maker in Australia.

According to research by IDC, Australian smartphone shipments rose by 67 percent (year on year) in the third quarter of 2010. Over 60 percent of new mobiles are now smartphones, according to the research.

But more interestingly, iPhones are now the most popular smartphone in Australia, and now account for 36.5 percent of the smartphone market – easily beating Nokia’s 30.5 percent market share.

Also bad news for Nokia, Android-powered smartphones are seeing strong growth, now accounting for 21 percent of the smartphone market, up a huge amount from 7.1 and 2.1 percent in the previous two quarters.

When analysing the mobile phone market as a whole, Nokia still wins with 37.6 percent market share, but Apple is moving up the ranks to second place with 21.6 percent of the pie.

IDC predicts that the Aussie smartphone market will continue to grow over the next few years.

Nokia has held the number one spot since 2002, and its dominance was”seemingly unstoppable” according to IDC telecommunications market analyst Mark Novosel. “However three years after launching, Apple has done what once seemed impossible.”

“2011 will be a critical year in the Australian market, Android will continue its strong upward trend, with Apple’s iOS leading the charge. Nokia must fast-track the development of its high-end Meego-powered smartphones, in order to regain market share and avoid being overtaken by Android,” added Novosel.

Though it could be too little, too late from Nokia. Whether iOS or Android becomes the next big thing, it’s clear that Nokia’s dominance is dwindling, and we’ll be seeing more and more iPhones and Android handsets around us.


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  1. Rach says:

    I’m sure I remember Steve Jobs saying in his first iPhone Keynote that he would be happy with a 1% share of the mobile market. He was probably talking about the US market at the time but still it’s pretty amazing!

  2. AMW staff says:

    Yep, you have to wonder whether the iPhone’s success has surprised even Apple…

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