iPhone burns up in Brazil

Bob Brown
4 December, 2011
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It’s hard to imagine the Apple iPhone getting any hotter, but a report out of Brazil says that an iPhone 4 short-circuited and burned up next to an owner’s bed.

The iPhone Blog reported that an iPhone user named Ayla Paulo Mota said the following happened on 22 November after plugging the device in about a foot from the bed:

“At dawn, I woke up seconds before witnessed the burning of my iPhone when I saw a lot of sparks and black smoke out of the cell. My room was impregnated with an unbearable smell of smoke! At that moment, I turned off the power switch in the room to remove the phone from the outlet. Soon after, I opened the windows of the room and turned on the fan to remove smoke.”

The user is said to have bought the device in France and was trying to figure out who to approach about the situation. Mashable notes that buying an iPhone in Brazil is very expensive, with an 8GB iPhone 4 going for around £550 without a data plan.

The incident preceded by three days a report by Australian airline Regional Express that an iPhone onboard one of its flights began glowing red and smoking, forcing airline personnel to extinguish the device.

Apple has not responded to inquiries from various bloggers regarding incidents.

Apple responded to claims of exploding iPhones in Europe in 2009, pointing fingers at customers. Battery makers have also come under fire for exploding cellphones.


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