iPhone 6 Plus accounts for about 20 percent of new iPhones

Gregg Keizer
7 October, 2014
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iPhone-6-iPhone-6-Plus-speed-macworld-australia1Although Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus remains in short supply, its portion of total iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales has increased over the last two weeks, according to analysis of usage-tracking data.

Mobile metrics firms Mixpanel and Fiksu, which monitor the activity of iPhone owners via the analytics embedded in clients’ apps, have both noted an improvement in the ratio of the iPhone 6 Plus to iPhone 6 smartphones.

As of Sunday, for example, Mixpanel pegged the iPhone 6 at 6.02 percent of all iPhones, with the Plus representing 1.34 percent. The ratio – 4.5:1, or 4.5 iPhone 6 handsets for every one iPhone 6 Plus – was an improvement for the Plus from the 6.8:1 of two weeks prior.

Fiksu, another mobile app metrics provider, recorded a similar trend.

On Sunday, Fiksu’s ratio was 3.9:1 in favour of the smaller smartphone, a stronger showing for the Plus than two weeks before, when the ratio was 6.5:1.

In other words, about 18 percent to 20 percent of all iPhone 6 smartphones monitored by Mixpanel and Fiksu were the larger model.

Apple still shows a delay between ordering and shipping for both models, but the lag for the iPhone 6 Plus – at “3-4 weeks” on its online store – remained substantially longer than the iPhone 6 (“7-10 business days”) by a large margin.

But the increasing share of the iPhone 6 Plus in the usage data indicates that, even though it is harder to find than its smaller sibling, customers are acquiring it in larger numbers. That, in turn, hints that sales – or at least usage – of the iPhone 6 Plus are increasing faster than for the iPhone 6.

Most analysts expect the iPhone 6 Plus’s share to jump even more once the 5.5in smartphone goes on sale in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on 17 October. Customers in mainland China can pre-order the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from Apple’s online store starting Friday, 10 October.

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