iPhone 5 ‘to drop glass back’

Ben Camm-Jones
9 March, 2011
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Problems with scratching, paint mixtures and weight will lead Apple to abandon the glass back introduced in the iPhone 4, according to reports.

The Macotakara website recently reported Apple will switch back to aluminium, the material used in the original iPhone, for the back of the unit.

The glass back is not the only design element from the iPhone 4 that will be abandoned, according to recent rumours. The problematic steel outer frame, which doubles up as the iPhone 4′s antenna, will also be scrapped after well-documented issues with reception problems suffered by the handset.

Instead, Apple will reportedly use a ‘logo antenna’ design, as Macworld reported in December last year, with the antenna situated on the back of the device just under the logo.

The idea behind this is that the lantenna could be placed in a special cavity where it would be isolated from other electronic components and therefore protected from anything that could potentially block radio-frequency signals. According to the Macotakara report, the design will use a special resin for the logo.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced in June at the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC). It is expected to support both CDMA and GSM technologies and use an A5 processor, similar to the iPad 2.

Image courtesy of Maktora


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  1. Dan says:

    I know it may be concept or a mock up, but if the iP5 dose look like that then I’m not upgrading. I like the iP4′s deign the way it is.

  2. MattJ says:

    Why would they go Backwards in design? It’s going back to the 3GS style, iPhone 4 is designed nicely and wish the new iPad did the same but that’ll be the iPad 3!

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