iPhone 5 rumours: NFC, edge screen, A5 chip tipped

Tim Grey
21 March, 2011
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With the iPad 2 now safely unveiled, it’s time for the iPhone 5 rumour mill to rumble into production, with gossips tipping wave-for-pay, metal backs and twin SIMs in the new smartphone.

The first leaks are appearing from Apple’s third-party manufacturers: 9 to 5 Mac is claiming a source at Foxconn, the company responsible for assembling the iPhone and iPad, says the new phone will be similar to the previous model, but will abandon the glass back for a flat aluminium body.

The iPhone’s screen size is also expected to be altered, with a larger 4in screen tipped to feature an edge-to-edge design.

Another safe bet will be the inclusion of the Apple-designed CPU, RAM and graphics processor, the A5 chip, which recently appeared in the iPad 2.

Along with these reasonably-certain updates, there’s a collection of more outlandish suggestions for the iPhone 5.

Near field communication, or NFC, the technology that enables wave-and-pay capabilities, has been a bone of contention over the previous week, with Australian Macworld reporting that plans for its inclusion had been postponed until the iPhone 6.

However, in the last week both Forbes and Cult of Mac claimed the report was bogus, and the iPhone 5 would indeed feature NFC capabilities. The rumours also suggest that users will be able to do more than just pay for goods with their phones, with NFC connections allowing them to run Mac App Store apps and MobileMe documents on guest computers.

While the fancy NFC capabilities are certainly within the realm of possibility, others are more decidedly batty. iDeals China reckons the iPhone 5 will support two SIM cards so users can hook into two phone lines, which would be cool if it weren’t so unlikely.

The frequency of rumours such as these is certain to gain momentum in the coming months, as we approach the likely June release date. Given the fact the majority of tip-offs on the recently released of the iPad 2 turned out to be accurate, it’s fair to expect that some leaks, particularly those purported to be from Apple’s manufacturing partners, will be correct.


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  1. Rick H says:

    When the 4G network goes nationwide for Verizon (late 2013?)
    I’ll upgrade the iPhone 4. The 4″ retina display will be awesome…but really, the progression of technology has diminishing returns after the iPhone 4. Apple will have to come up with compelling reasons to upgrade. NFC, 1080p video, hdmi port, flash video support, and genie in a bottle would do it.

  2. Annie P says:

    The only thing I don’t want the iP5 to have is the same design as the iP4.

    I really hate the blocky shape, it’s uncomfortable to hold (even in a case) and unattractive IMO. I’ve been hoping since the new iPad 2 has shed the blockiness of the first iPad that we could hope for the same thing in the iPhone 5.

    I would also hope they have addressed the sound problems. After having my iP4 replaced twice for speaker problems I abandoned it all together and went back to the 3GS, which pleased me no end since I also prefer that shape….and it has a more reliable signal receiver.

  3. Pete Miller says:

    Just a whole lot faster browsing will be fine thanks
    (Im still on 3G so am waiting to skip the 4 & go straight to the 5 – sounds like a move in a Monopoly game)

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