iPhone 5 launch leak ‘came from Apple’

Karen Haslam
2 August, 2012
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Apple cares too much what Wall Street thinks about it according to reports, has purposefully leaked the news of the iPhone 5 launch and potentially bought the launch forward in the hope of it impacting the next quarters financial results (the quarter runs to the end of September).

Business Insider suggests that once a ‘rumour’ is confirmed by ‘sources’ to the likes of All Things D, Bloomberg and Reuters, it must have come from Apple itself.

“When Apple is approving and coordinating the leak, it’s going to be very hard for the company to blame (with a serious face) “rumours and speculation” for low iPhone sales,” notes Business Insider.

If Apple manages to get the next iPhone (it may not be called iPhone 5) to market before the end of the quarter, it will be able to talk about early sales of the device, which is expected to be a hit.

While Apple is experiencing a lull in sales of its iPhone 4S, accessory manufactures must also be experiencing issues as consumers hold off buying accessories. Consumers should note rumours that Apple may change the dock connector on the new iPhone, so any current docks and adaptors may not work with the new device, let alone cases.

Yesterday Apple’s stock soared to US$610.76 when the market closed on Tuesday night. The rumoured September launch of the new iPhone 5, potentially the iPad mini, along with claims that Apple may split its stock, and news that Samsung would not be able to produce evidence that Apple had copied Sony in the Apple verses Samsung trial.

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  1. sujan aryal says:

    apple is using same retina display in iphone 4 and 4s and quite larger in size. the things to improve in new iphones are:
    1. larger screen than 45
    2. unlock system like android
    3. black earphone should be available with black iphones
    4. the screen should function three in one. screen,mirrors
    the solar charger for the battery
    5. the battery life should be extended
    6. bluetooth function should be available to share datas
    from all verson of mobile phones
    7. extra espacial look than other in slim design
    (these are the things which i want to see in next generation of iphones 5,6,7..) hope to be agreed these comment by you…….

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