iPhone 5 isn’t fifth iPhone, needs a better name

Lily Walker
28 July, 2012
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We’ve been reporting on the ‘iPhone 5′ since the iPhone 4S moved out of the spotlight but will there even be an iPhone 5?

So far the models have been named due to their generation or feature, e.g. the iPhone 3G introduced 3G data and the iPhone 4 was the fourth iPhone. Now Apple has reached the sixth generation phone and it’s predecessor was the 4S, leaving no connection to 5 except consecutive numbering. It’s not even the fifth iPhone, notes Marco.org.

This won’t be the first time Apple has surprised everyone by not calling the new device by the name everyone anticipated. Most people were convinced the most recent iPad would be called iPad 3, but Apple named it The New iPad, which lead to speculation as to what it will call the next iPad.

What will Apple choose to call the new mobile? iPhone 4S+ is a bit of a mouthful but something of that nature is going in the right direction. iPhone 4G might be an appropriate name for the US, where that phone will be capable of 4G, but in the UK and Australia such a name would be asking for trouble, as the phone’s 4G is unlikely to be compatible with the 4G network, when it is finally launched at some point this millennium. Apple got into a lot of trouble in Australia and elsewhere for advertising the iPad as having 4G capabilities when it didn’t, at least not anywhere other than America and Canada.

Another suggestion was that Apple could name the new phone after Steve Jobs, with the 5 styled to look like an S.

Unless Apple cut back to the original iPhone name or reveal a new feature with a relevance to 5 thrown in somewhere, they haven’t got a lot to work with at the moment.


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  1. Meincranbourne says:

    Well if the past is any indication it will be ‘the new iPhone’. So ends my prediction cross my palm with gold please!

  2. Laith says:

    Going back to just the “iPhone” name is where I think they’ll go. Just like the iPad. Are we forgetting things like the PowerBook naming conventions. “PowerBook G3″ and “PowerBook G4″. As well as the naming conventions use with the iBook. It’s all good to keep some way of naming one generation from the next, but then dropping that after a while is also fine. Like with the iMac line.

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