iPhone 5 case survives 30km free fall

Macworld Australia Staff
7 January, 2013
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Case manufacturer G-Form has successfully dropped a fifth-generation iPod touch encased in the company’s XTREME iPhone 5 case from 100,000 feet (30.5 km) in the stratosphere.

According to a company press release, the case – which will debut at this year’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas – was dropped from a weather balloon in the Nevada desert, enduring temperatures below -50 degrees Celsius, to land “with zero damage and in perfect working condition” 65 kilometres from the launch site.

“The newest Xtreme line features a revolutionary 3-layer protective composite, which combines a tough polycarbonate outer shell, an inner RPT™ core, and a third shock-absorbing TPE layer”, the company said.

“People are blown away that we could send a device guarded with solely our sleek iPhone case up to 100,000 feet and then let it free fall without worry,” said G-Form’s VP of Innovations, Thom Cafaro. “With an ordinary case people might worry if they simply dropped it off of a table or while getting out of their car.  This test just proves how confident we are that the new XTREME line will protect against anything.”

You can watch the video of the free fall test below.



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  1. Roupen says:

    That’s not an iPhone 5 that’s an iPod touch because u can see that there’s no ear speaker; so…..yeah. Owned

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