iPhone 4 cases might not fit new 4S

Macworld Australia Staff
13 October, 2011
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If you’re buying a new iPhone 4S, you might have to invest in a new case as well.

While most people believe that body of the new iPhone 4S is exactly the same as the iPhone 4, the truth is that it’s based on the CDMA version introduced to the US in February (with the exception of a micro-SIM card slot on the right side), and not on the GSM model we had in Australia.

This means that extremely precise cases designed specifically for the original iPhone 4 may have trouble fitting over the ring/silent switch and the volume buttons of the iPhone 4S, which are slightly shifted from their position on the GSM iPhone 4; less-precise iPhone 4 cases will have no trouble.

In essence, only a Sherlockian attention to detail would allow you to differentiate between the GSM iPhone 4, the CDMA iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. (Budding detectives: The symmetrical black lines on both sides of the phone are the sign it’s not a GSM iPhone 4.)

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