iPad not a computer replacement

Xavier Verhoeven
4 May, 2010
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According to a survey conducted by UBS analyst Maynard Um, the majority of iPad buyers see the device as a companion to their current computers rather than a replacement.

Of 75 people surveyed who were lined up for the iPad 3G’s launch at a New York Apple Store, 94 percent intended to use the tablet as well as their Mac (or PC). Only a few planned to use their new iPads instead of a traditional computer.

Um suggests this is good news for Apple investors: “The survey further supports our view that the iPad will not cannibalise Macs & we continue to view the device as a largely incremental growth opportunity for Apple.”

Given that the iPad needs to be connected to iTunes via a computer to be setup, this may not come as a great surprise. Instead, the one million iPads sold may lead to Apple selling more Macs – as has been the case with the iPod’s success, via the so-called ‘halo effect’ where users are said to adopt other Apple technology after becoming familiar with one device.

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