iPad mini costs just US$190 to manufacture

Karen Haslam
30 August, 2012
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The iPad mini may cost just US$190 to manufacturer, but expect Apple to make a large mark-up on that when the device goes on sale in October (that’s if the iPad mini ‘confirmed’ October release date is correct.)

The entry-level iPad 2 costs $429 (or US$399 in the US). The iPod touch retails at $219 (US$199). It would follow that the iPad mini price point would be somewhere between the two prices, so we could feasibly be looking at a $380 price point (or around US$300 in the US, before tax).

The manufacturing cost, based on leaked part information, comes in at around US$189.32.

The shopping list includes memory at US$13.50, an A5 processor at US$13.50, a display at US$48.54, a battery at US$12.75 and a camera at US$2.50. The complete price list is available on the Tech-Thoughts blog. Author Sameer Singh aims to give an “analyst’s perspective on the mobile industry” in his blog.

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