iPad goes up in flames in Canberra store

Macworld Australia Staff
11 November, 2013
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ipadSeveral media sources have reported an incident at the end of last month, when a Canberra Vodafone store was evacuated after a demo iPad apparently exploded. Initial reports said it was an iPad Air, due to go on sale for the first time a couple of days later.

Vodafone Australia’s spokesperson Geeke van der Sluis (whose parents clearly intended him for a life in the tech industry…) has been quoted as claiming a display model caught on fire while it was attached to the iPad charging port. Smoke filled the store and sparks flew, leading to the arrival of the fire brigade and evacuation of the store. There were no injuries.

In a typically dramatic account of the events, the UK’s Daily Mail online wrote: “As the store filled with smoke, firemen rushed to the store and put out the fire… the new model iPad Air… was completely destroyed, the appearance of its frame suggesting it had suffered from extreme heat.”

As is now standard practice by Apple, a company representative visited the store and collected the tablet in question for testing, but the Cupertino California company has issued no formal statement as yet.

This morning Forbes.com reported that there is now some confusion about the actual device involved, saying, “Sources in Australia are now unclear on what exact model of iPad was involved in the incident.”

The burned iPad Air, which caused an Australian store to be evacuated when it burst into flames

The destroyed iPad (image: Mail Online)


There have been several reports over the last couple of months of electric shocks suffered by people using iPhones and chargers, such as the July death of Chinese former air steward Ma Ailun, the unnamed Chatswood woman in July and the UK’s Tim Gillooley in August, but this is the first time an iPad has been involved in such an incident.


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  1. Brent Robertson says:

    Its very clear to me, looking at the image, that it WASN’T a iPad Air, as the Bezel down the long side is too wide, and that is the same size as the iPad’s from 4 and down.
    Its my bet as well, that they weren’t using the original charger and it would of been linked up to a power board under the table, which could of been linked to a power board too. Who knows how big the Daisy Chain of cord where under that desk.. . . . . . . But yea its clearly NOT a iPad Air, and every other report of electric shocks, have all come back to be, people were not using the correct Apple Certified charging cables either.

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