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29 January, 2010
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Apple’s long-awaited iPad tablet made its big debut on January 28, and there was no shortage of coverage both pro and con. Here, we wrap up thoughts on the new device, looking at its suitability as an enterprise, gaming, and media device – and lots, lots more. This stub will be continually updated as new coverage rolls in. Last update: February 2.

The Launch

It’s official: Jobs launches the Apple iPad. Coverage of the news announcement, complete with pictures.

Watch the iPad event in its entirety. The iPad launch is now available for online viewing; click through to find out how.

LIVE UPDATE: Coverage of ‘Come See Our Latest Creation’ Event. Journalists of every feather were on hand to blog the iPad launch, and here’s the play-by-play coverage from Macworld US. AMW’s own David Braue and Liana Pappas were on hand for the 5am launch, offering extra coffee-fueled commentary.

The Road To Public Availability

2 Feb: The iPad is ready for prime time… on TV, at least. Just days after its first public preview, the iPad is making the rounds, with a live working model sighted prominently during this week’s Grammy awards.

iPad Features

2 Feb: Why Apple chose the iPad’s screen format. The decision to build a 4×3 iPad, as opposed to the widescreen display built into the iMac and other devices, may strike many as strange – but it makes perfect sense if you think about the iPad’s potential uses.

2 Feb: iPad: IPS screen technology explained. You probably didn’t know what In-Plane Switching technology meant either, when Steve Jobs mentioned it during last week’s keynote. Here’s a translation.

Hands on with the iPad. The iPad was available to journalists for hands-on experimentation at the launch event. Here’s what Macworld’s experts-on-deck thought after spending a half-hour with the device.

iPad mystery revealed, but questions (and a conundrum) remain. David Braue likes the iPad at face value, but believes its success is far from assured. First, Apple must clarify its value proposition – and resolve a major conflict that it introduces.

The iPad’s five best surprises. The iPad is full of great new tricks. Here are five of the best.

The iPad’s five worst surprises. Not everybody is entranced by the iPad. Here are a few of the biggest complaints about the device Steve Jobs showed off this week.

The iPad is cool – but where’s the Dvorak keyboard? The iPad’s virtual, onscreen keyboard can be easily adapted to suit any language. So, Kirk McElhearn wonders, where’s support for the world’s most popular non-QWERTY keyboard?


2 Feb: The iPad’s future shock. The iPad’s implications extend far further than the features about which it’s being resoundingly thumped, writes Fraser Speirs.

2 Feb: Imagining the iPad: it’s easy if you try. Wondering where the iPad might fit into your everyday life? Dan Frakes has, and he’s sure there’s room in his digital life for Steve’s latest baby.

2 Feb: The iPad isn’t a third device, but a third revolution. Dan Moren is thinking big-picture, and his picture includes some pretty big changes in user interface and computer design that he believes will soon be wrought by the iPad.


1 Feb: Apple inside: the significance of the iPad’s A4 chip. Apple’s iPad has turned heads, but at its heart is another head-turning component: a custom-designed integrated processor that could have major implications on Apple’s product line.

iPad to feature Apple’s iBooks e-reader app. e-Books are a major part of the iPad’s differentiation, so there was naturally a lot of interest in Apple’s new iBooks application. Here’s how it works and looks.

iPad: Perfect for digital comics? The iPad’s increased screen real estate makes it perfect for all sorts of media – including, Jason Snell argues, comics. But how much will support for comics feature in the iPad’s content selection?

The iPad: Great for designers and illustrators. With touch capabilities and a toolbox sure to be full of design and graphics applications, the iPad is a graphic artist’s dream, argue two people who know better than most what designers want.


OpenFeint: iPad is a transformative gaming platform. Many companies have jumped on the possibilities the iPad offers as a portable, social gaming platform. Here’s why.

What does the iPad mean for gamers? The iPad is more than just a big iPhone, argues John Davison. And many developers agree: with the right approach, they argue, the iPad could usher in a whole new style of portable gaming.


Apple’s iPad has pitfalls for enterprise: analysts. Business users were naturally curious to see how the iPad might be used in an enterprise setting. Analysts aren’t totally convinced yet.

Apple introduces iWork for iPad. Apple will offer $12.99 versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote that strengthen the case for the iPad as something of a notebook replacement.

iPad for the enterprise? Maybe. Matt Hamblen isn’t convinced the iPad will be a slam-dunk in the corporate space, but suspects IT managers will have to learn to live with it anyways.


Apple enhances iPhone app SDK for iPad. Apple has wasted no time giving developers the tools they need to adapt iPhone applications for the new device, and to build entirely new ones that tap into its capabilities.

Adobe: We want Flash developers on the iPad. Adobe’s relationship with Apple has been strained since the iPhone was launched, and remains, Flash-free. But that hasn’t stopped the company from pressing its case to get Flash on the new device.

New iPad means iPhone developers need to think different. Developers are rushing to tap into the excitement over Apple’s iPad, but they need to make sure they’re thinking bigger – literally – in designing their upgraded applications.


Apple details first iPad accessories. Apple is launching several accessories to accompany the iPad, and to make it easier to use in a variety of situations. Here’s what to expect.

Bagmakers tout iPad carrying options. It hasn’t even shipped yet, but makers of protective bags wasted no time showing off their iPad-ready wares.

Related News

2 Feb: China tablet PC maker may sue Apple over iPad design. In an ironic twist, a Chinese computer maker is considering suing Apple for copying the design of its tablet computer.

2 Feb: Amazon and Macmillan fence over e-book pricing. Apple’s introduction of the iPad last week has content providers mobilising to stake their claim in the e-book market – and Amazon is their first target.

1 Feb: Apple’s iPad marketing sparks complaint to FTC. As if Apple’s omission of Adobe Flash wasn’t bad enough, a complaint to US government authorities alleges Apple has been falsely advertising the iPad’s capabilities.

Scammers hop on iPad bandwagon. It didn’t take long, but scammers are already capitalising on widespread interest in the iPad to dupe innocent Web surfers into visiting malware-tainted pages.

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