iPad charger shocks UK man

Macworld Australia Staff
30 August, 2013
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Another week, another ‘shocking’ story. Following a slew of recent cases of electrocution involving the charging of iDevices, including the death of former flight attendant Ma Ailun in China in July and the hospitalisation of a Sydney woman the same month, now reports have surfaced of a similar experience in the UK.

Technologytell.com has revealed that 34-year-old Tim Gillooley, from the north of England, was thrown across the room and suffered burns to his fingers when he unplugged an iPad charger from the electric socket.

The website also included the incidental detail that Gillooley was “coming out of the bathroom, when his daughter, Chloe Gillooley, asked him to unplug the charger”, but whether or not Technologytell.com intended to place a question mark over just how dry the victim’s hands were before he touched the charger is unclear.

Regardless, Gillooley was clearly and understandably unnerved by the experience, saying, “There was a huge bang and it blew me across the room. I was in shock. I was hysterically laughing for about two minutes. It was a bad shock that went down my arm. My mum was panicking and Chloe burst into tears. Nine times out of 10, Chloe would have gone to get it herself. I think it would have killed her.”

Tim and Chloe Gillooley. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Apple has already contacted Gillooley and asked to examine the remains of the charger.

Macworld Australia staff


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