iPad 2 Smart Cover line refreshed

Lex Friedman
25 October, 2011
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Lightly-bumped MacBook Prosare fine. But the real excitement from Apple today comes with the launch of a new product destined to change tablet computing as we know it: A Dark Gray model of the polyurethane iPad 2 Smart Cover.

If Dark Gray just isn’t your hue of choice, fret not; there’s more good news coming. Apple also says that it has updated the Blue, Green, Pink and Light Gray Smart Cover models to make them “more vibrant” – and it shows:

The new blue hue is on the right.

Sadly, as the Facts of Life theme song taught us, you take the good, and you take the bad: Pour one out for the Orange Smart Cover, which follows the Newton and the non-Pro MacBook to its own ignominious end.

The leather Smart Covers remain unchanged; Apple continues to warn that the “rich aniline dye” used to colour those covers “may rub off during use.” You may consider this a feature that, in turn, makes your skin “more vibrant,” too.

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