iOS users more easily phished than Android

Anthony Caruana
20 April, 2015
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According to a report by security firm ThreatSim, about 8% of clicks on phishing emails come from iOS with just 2% coming from Android.

The research went further, finding 16% of iOS users who opened a phisihing email actually took the bait and opened a potentially dangerous link. Only 12% of Android users did the same.

According to other research from Verizon, 95% of espionage attacks and 80% of all malware attacks are launched through phishing campaigns. There are several factors at play when looking at what makes a successful phisihing attack. These inclide including the phishing lure in the message, the sophistication of the email, the date/time it was sent, and the target’s technical acumen. Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report found almost 50% of recipients open emails and click on phishing links within the first hour with the median time-to-first-click averaging 1:22.

When it comes to the types of emails that are clicked, those technical in nature are the most often opened with consumer-focussed emails less likely to be opened.

You can read the full report here [PDF link].


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  1. Paul Mah says:

    Instead of relying on the technical acumen of iOS (or Android) users, I think the study shows that a better way forward may be for organizations to explore technologies that allow them to more quickly detect and stop hackers WHEN (not “if”) they break into the corporate network. Clearly, traditional perimeter defenses such as firewealls and even antivirus software are no longer enough.

    Paul Mah, commenting on behalf of IDG and FireEye.

  2. Paul says:

    It looks like ios users think they have an invisible force field around them when useing ios, but they dont. Fact

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