iOS app economy worth US$4.3 billion a year

Karen Haslam
15 June, 2012
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The iOS app economy is making US$4.3 billion per year with 49.5 million apps downloaded every day, according to an analyst.

Based on the data Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed during WWDC, Asymco analyst Horace Dediu has calculated that global iOS device users download 49.5 million apps daily.

He reached this number based on Cook’s revelations that 30 billion apps have been downloaded to date; US$5 billion paid to app developers; and that there are 400 million iTunes accounts.

According to Dediu’s research, apps over took music downloads back in summer 2009. Compared to books and iTunes songs, “apps are being downloaded at a far faster rate–at least four times faster,” according to the report.

“It won’t be long before total app downloads will be double total song downloads. Put another way, in the time it took the App store to reach 30 million, the song store sold only 3 million,” claims the report, which notes that songs are generally more expensive than apps.


The report addresses concerns that the expansion of the user base into the hundreds of millions is leading to a collapse in app pricing and concludes: “It turns out the average price of an app has held steady since approximately 1 billion downloads were recorded. That price is now about 24 cents per app (including free).”


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