iOS 9 Breakfile: Passbook versus Wallet – boarding passes

Anthony Caruana
21 September, 2015
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It’s inevitable when an operating system upgrade comes along that some app you rely on stops working pending some sort of update. We’ve been caught with the first of these that’s affected us.

Passbook was introduced back in iOS 6 as a way of storing tickets, passes, loyalty cards and many of the other bits and pieces we used to keep in our wallets. In iOS 9, Passbook has been replaced by Wallet.

We spend quite a bit of time travelling. Today, we’re heading interstate to look at a newly released range of NAS devices. Typically, we check in with whichever airline we can manage a flight with using their online process and get the boarding pass sent to Passbook. If the airline doesn’t directly support Passbook, the boarding pass could be sent by SMS where a link would launch Safari and Passbook could import the boarding pass.

Last night, we followed our usual process to check in on our Virgin Australia flight and discovered we could no longer add the boarding pass to Wallet. Even if we displayed the boarding pass on our MacBook and attempted to use Wallet’s ‘Scan Code to Add a Pass’ option to scan the QR (quick response) code, we were out of luck.

Although we’d expect some apps to break, we’re surprised that picking up a .pckpass file no longer works.

We’re not sure who’s to blame here. With an iOS upgrade, lots of things change under the covers, so it’s hard to know whether the way .pckpass files being handled is different, changes to Safari are to blame or if the airline, Virgin Australia in this case, has made a change to its systems at the same time.

In any case, if you relied on Passbook, it’s worth noting Wallet may not work exactly the same way.


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  1. Chris says:

    So who is really To blame here? Probably me, I should learn not to take the first release of a major upgrade. When a decision is made by Apple to retire a fundamental app such as Passbook, testing of the replacement app needs far more rigor. Pateliently awaiting a minor release – lesson learned.

  2. Shane says:

    I found the same issue, however, if you check in each flight individually (rather than a return flight or multiple people) on Virgin’s mobile site, then where it usually has the option of “sms”, it says “Passbook”.
    If you click that, it will still go into Wallet. But it doesn’t pick it up if sent by sms then opened in a browser.

    Very annoying, and I think it’s probably ios fault, given that the Virgin app is still working the same as it did.

  3. Cult of one says:

    I have tried checking in on a one way and a return (2 tickets at once for a fly in fly out same day trip) and neither worked. Annoying when I fly a a lot .. See below link I started on Aust frequent flyer site.

  4. Shilani says:

    I have the same issue. Boarding pass/passes could be added to Passbook but not Wallet (iOS 9). I’ve tested this “feature” on two iPhones (one with iOS 8 and one with iOS 9)

    Looks like iOS 9 wallet defect that Apple keeps quiet about.

  5. Renny Willins says:

    Like all other developers… Virgin have had months to fix this prior to the release of the new software.

  6. Sofia says:

    Does anyone know when this is supposed to be fixed?? can’t use it to add any new boarding passes and i’ve had to travel 4 times since the release came out.
    Check in online 12-24 hours before and then have to print screen my codes and go looking for them once i’m at the airport..
    VERY annoying

  7. Neil says:

    I have had the same problem with Virgin, and tonight with Qantas.
    Renny is quite correct, they have all had months to fix this and update web routing and their apps.
    Hopefully either Apple or Virgin & Qantas will fix this soon.

  8. Shell says:

    I belive it is the apple iOS upgrade at blame here.

    I have just tried to add an Eventbrite pass and no joy!

  9. Ck says:

    Had a couple of updates since iOS9 came out and still not working. Has anyone found a way around this yet?

  10. Tutu says:

    Try changing your browser to Chrome. I did and issue was fixed

  11. KK says:

    Still not working. If you get your messages on your phone using Chrome as your browser is not an option/

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