iOS 6 speculation arises after Airfoil app pulled

Macworld Australia Staff
25 May, 2012
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Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil Speakers Touch app has been pulled from the iTunes App Store, leading some to believe its concept will be integrated in the upcoming iOS 6 operating system.

The app, which has been on the App Store since 2009, enables users to stream music via AirPlay to any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a Mac or PC – or even another iOS device.

The stunned developers at Rogue Amoeba heard about the recent removal decision on Wednesday, they said in a blog published yesterday.

“Today, we’ve been informed that Apple has removed Airfoil Speakers Touch from the iOS App Store.We first heard from Apple about this decision two days ago and we’ve been discussing the pending removal with them since then,” Rogue Amoeba’s blog said.

“However, we still do not yet have a clear answer on why Apple has chosen to remove Airfoil Speakers Touch. Needless to say, we’re quite disappointed with their decision and we’re working hard to once again make the application available for you, our users.

“As far as we can tell, Airfoil Speakers Touch is in full compliance with Apple’s posted rules and developer agreements. We’ve already filed an appeal with Apple’s App Review Board and we’re awaiting further information. Unfortunately, Apple has full control of application distribution on iOS, leaving us with no other recourse here.”

The app’s axing has lead to discussion whether iOS 6 will include the ability to stream music or video between iOS devices and/or Macs.

In response to a CultofMac inquiry, Rogue Amoeba said it believed the theory is a little far from the mark.

We’ve seen that theory floated by a few folks as a wild guess, but there’s certainly no hard evidence that iOS 6 will contain audio receiving functionality. Anything’s possible, but I can’t say it seems likely that iOS 6 will turn iOS devices into AirPlay receivers,” Rogue Amoeba said.

“Even if that is the case, however, iOS 6 isn’t here yet nor even announced. The timing on pulling Airfoil Speakers Touch now, a month after it was approved but before iOS 6 has even been made public, seems to make little sense with regards to this possibility. It’s certainly not something Apple has done before.”




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