iOS 5 teething problems subside

Lex Friedman
15 October, 2011
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Untold hordes of iOS device owners rushed to upgrade their devices to iOS 5 upon its release ealier this week. Many did so and immediately began enjoying the fruits of Apple’s latest incarnation of its mobile operating system. Others, however, were stymied by installation woes that prevented them from upgrading successfully. Macworld Australia has found a simple, if not necessarily earth-shattering fix:

Try again now.

Though Apple’s not saying so publicly, it appears that a few tweaks have been made on the company’s end to the online elements of the installation process. Folks who suffered through various iOS 5 installation woes earlier in the week are able to complete the upgrade now. (At various points during the iOS upgrade process, your computer checks in with Apple’s servers. Perhaps those servers became overloaded during the mad rush to upgrade on Thursday; perhaps only a few such servers behaved poorly. Apple hasn’t clarified what the cause was for any iOS 5 release day snags.)

The good news is, whatever the problems were, things seem better now. Macworld Australia contributor Joel Mathis successfully upgraded his iOS devices late Thursday night; senior contributor Rob Griffiths and I both finally upgraded the last of our own iOS devices today, after many dozens of attempts between us.

Whatever server wizardry Apple may have performed, it seems to be working: While a few reports Friday suggested occasional hiccups with new iPhone 4S activations, overall, such complaints have been surprisingly few. Senior editor Roman Loyola activated a new iPhone 4S late Friday, he says the online elements of his new activation went smoothly.


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  1. Paul says:

    I’m having issues with iMessage. Sending text messages to other people with iPhone 4′s running iOS 5 and messages not being sent when out and about. Was out doing shopping today and sent a text message to a friend to see where they were. After about 5 minutes I rang and asked why they never answered my text and they said they haven’t received it. When we meet up we sat down and tried texting each other and nothing came through until we both turned off iMessage and only then were we able to send a normal text message. So I’ve now turn iMessage on on my iPad and iPhone and won’t use it iMessage until I know it’s working 100%

  2. BRI says:

    TO PAUL:

    I have a suggestion… go to your “settings” > “messages” and make sure you have your settings set for ‘Recieved at’ to all the emails or phone numbers.

    Though if you want all your messages to show up on iphone AND ipad… only do your email address. Ensure it is registered on icloud so your info will be pushed.

    I hope that helps!

  3. Rob says:

    I was running beta iOS 5. Today it decided in the middle of using it that it needed to be activated. Now asks to enter SIM PIN but doesn’t offer any way to enter it. Using an unlocked pin it Activation servers are still not being reached six days after this article.
    iPad (not beta) and iPhone now useless. Yes, first world problem, but frustrating nonetheless.

  4. AussieOi says:

    Hey everyone, was the same for me until 2days ago. I had such problems like, lag, system apps crashing, sms delay and the battery!! I tried what some articles suggested, turning all notifications off! Even after it was all turned off the battery percentage was in free fall, it was like watching a countdown timer, i was about to give up! However as a last resort, I booked an appointment at a genius bar at the Sydney apple store and 20minutes later walked out a happy man. The first question staff asked was “did I download the iOS5 over wifi?” and I replied with a “yes!”. She explained that for some reason they found that downloading over wifi corrupts some of the files and this is what causes the pain we’ve all been experiencing. Before going to apple I scoured the web for answers, but all suggestions about turning everything off was useless but restoring my iPhone 4 with a stable iOS5 from the Apple store fixed all of the above we’ve been complaining about! So solution restore while connected via cable and NOT Wi-Fi or go to your nearest apple store and get them to restore your device with the stable OS they have! A new restore atleast from the genius bar solved all battery, lag, apps shutting down, delay in sms etc etc problems! If you do go to the apple store make sure you back everything up before, even if you don’t they’ll offer to back-up, up to 5gb in the cloud, but this might not be enough for all. Make sure you advise you’re friends who havent taken the leap yet to download via cable and NOT wi-fi!! Hope this solves everyone’s woes like it did mine; good luck!

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