In Google We Trust: ABC investigates Australian data tracking

Macworld Australia Staff
5 September, 2013
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The ABC’s Four Corners program has investigated the use of Australian citizens’ digital interactions tracked by government agencies and private organisations nationally and internationally.

The segment, ‘In Google We Trust’, is set to air at 8:30pm on Monday night and follows the data trail of an ordinary family over a typical day to see where and with¬†whom it ends up.

While, the use of individuals’ information isn’t a recently unveiled concern for the public, it is a growing issue throughout the world with recent revelations from former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden.

Snowden, who received asylum in Russia after fleeing the US, leaked top-secret documents on the ongoing surveillance programs of the US, UK and allied Western governments.

According to the the Four Corners report, the use of personal information can benefit individuals via targeted and specifically tailored advertising, but this information can be sold for malicious purposes or used by government agencies without a warrant and without the knowledge of the individual.

So, what do they know about you and your habits? The answer maybe a lot more than you think.

Head over to the ABC on Monday night to find out.

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