iiNet negotiating to provide pro bono legal support to Dallas Buyers Club infringers

Anthony Caruana
20 May, 2015
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Following the recent judgement that will compel a group of ISPs to provide details of customers who pirated the movie Dallas Buyers Club, a blog entry by iiNet indicates the company will support its customers.

iiNet says, “Working with a law firm that has offered to provide pro bono services for any of our customers. More details will be provided when agreement is reached on that front.”

Later this week, iiNet will be ordered to hand over the name and physical address details of customers whose accounts are suspected of being used to infringe copyright. When that happens, Dallas Buyers Club LLC, the company that produced the movie, will move towards sending notifications and seek damages.

In some countries, rights holders have engaged in a process called speculative invoicing where the rights holders attempt to extract large sums of money.

“The judge did say that for single instances of infringement that damages could quite possibly be limited to the fee that would have been paid had the film been lawfully downloaded. This could be around $10,” says iiNet.

So, the good news is iiNet is sticking with their costumers and that the likely damages sought from alleged infringers could be little more than the cost of going to the movies.

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