IBM beefs up healthy partnership with Apple

Anthony Caruana
15 April, 2015
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Apple and IBM announced an unlikely alliance last year when IBM started creating enterprise apps for iOS. That relationship is set to grow with IBM creating a new health division.

The new Watson Health unit plans to aggregate health information from a large number of devices and providers in the cloud and offer insights to health companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic Inc.  In deepening its partnership with Apple, IBM will make use of health information gathered by millions of Apple devices.

IBM Watson Health will be headquartered in Boston and host at least 2000 consultants, medical practitioners, clinicians, developers and researchers. The new unit will integrate the existing Smarter Care and Social Programs IBM already operates.

As part of the new project, IBM has acquired Explorys and Phytel to advance its healthcare analytics capabilities. The companies are recognized for their leadership in applying big data and analytics to help improve the quality of health for individuals and large population groups.

IBM says the Watson Health Cloud platform will to be anonymise, share and combine this information with a dynamic and constantly-growing aggregated view of clinical, research and social health data. IBM and its ecosystem of clients, partners and medical researchers can explore connections between these diverse and previously siloed healthcare data sets to drive the development of new data-driven applications and solutions designed to advance health and wellness. Individual patients and larger health populations alike will benefit as providers share and apply those insights in real-time to drive better, faster and less expensive treatments.

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