HP hits back at MacBook Air comments

Ashleigh Allsopp
11 May, 2012
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On Tuesday, HP unveiled its Envy Spectre XT Ultrabook, but it was met with comments about its MacBook Air similarities. HP has fought back.

Engadget reports that, at a conference in Shanghai, vice president of design at HP, Stacy Wolff said: “I think if you look at the new Spectre XT, there are similarities in a way, not due to Apple but due to the way technologies developed. Apple may like to think that they own silver, but they don’t. In no way did HP try to mimic Apple. In life there are a lot of similarities.”

“I see a lot of differences as much as the similarities,” Wolff told Engadget after the conference. “Ours is rubber-coated at the bottom. We use magnesium; they didn’t do that – they use CNC aluminium. We did a brush pattern on our product; they didn’t.”

“We did a different kind of keyboard execution,” Wolff continued. “We did audio as a component; they didn’t.”

Wolff claims that they didn’t choose similar features to the MacBook air for the Envy Spectre because Apple did it first. “It’s just where the form factor is leading it,” he said.

Wolff said that recent lawsuits between Samsung and Apple over design similarities between their smartphones and tablets could scare some companies. “I think that the struggle as we, again, drive to that simplicity, the shape just becomes one. I don’t think a lot of other companies are purposely designing to be copycats. I think a few might be,” said Wolff.

Many of the comments about the similarities between HP’s new notebook and Apple’s MacBook Air refer to the black keyboard against the silver body of the laptop. “You know, the funny thing is that we did that before they didn’t, but no one gave us credit,” Wolff argued.


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    C’mon. It is obvious that Intel is hiding behind the scenes paying hundreds of millions to Apple’s competitors to attack Apple.

    Who knows why Intel would suddenly pay everyone to copy and attack Apple, but Apple should sue Intel, not just HP.

    If Intel is attacking Apple, because Apple decided to break Intel’s exclusivity for x86 processors, then the Justice Department needs to get involved, because the FTC already slapped Intel with a Consent Decree last year which prohibits Intel from using predatory schemes to attack a manufacturer for using AMD pocessors.

    Go Apple! Ultraclones are just a sad little game from Intel. Sue them silly.

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