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Macworld Australia Staff
8 August, 2013
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Not to have any actual effect on the process, but just to feel like you’re getting to offer your two cents’ worth, Polar is running an online poll where you can vote on many of the individual elements of the iOS 7 interface, compared to iOS 6. Kicking off with the ‘Interface Elements: Switch’ and trawling all the way through to ‘Hold Down to Access .com’ the poll shows side by side representations of the before and after interface and asks you to click on the one you prefer.

And, judging by the results so far, it’s a big tick for iOS 7. Despite a number of comments complaining about there being too much white, or views like lschirrm’s, who posted, “On pretty much all these elements it seems like they make it harder to read / see stuff in iOS 7. Booo that”, the numbers speak for themselves, with iOS 7 receiving roughly four times the votes of its predecessor.

At time of writing the percentages were iOS 6 on 28 percent and iOS 7 on 72 percent. polar

In response to the Polar poll, one of its users, Giantsquid, ran a similar comparison of app icons. The results weren’t quite so firmly in iOS 7′s favour, with respondents much preferring the old Siri (8243 versus 6914) and the old Safari, while giving a clear thumbs up to the new Contacts (19,702 versus 8979), Photos and Maps icons.

Of course, these numbers (which are continually changing, of course, as the polls are still live) are just a drop in the ocean of the potential millions of users of iOS 7 when it is finally released, but the Cupertino design team should certainly be cheered.

And with beta 5 released to developers yesterday, the public launch date is looming ever closer, possibly as soon as early September.

by Macworld Australia staff

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  1. Paul says:

    I just wish the hurry up and release it. I’m sick of reading about it. I want to install and use it :)

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