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Chris Brandrick
26 September, 2011
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If there is one thing Facebook users love to, it’s to complain about design changes on the social network. Over the years the site has undergone several user interface tweaks, and each and every time the changes are introduced a large portion of the site’s 750 million users rage. As one tweeter said, it’s the “Facebook cycle” – things change, people complain, they get over it and carry on.

The most recent changes introduced on to the social networking site is the homepage news feed revamp, along with the addition of a new ‘news ticker.’

If you’re not a fan of these changes, well, there is very little you can actually do, as Facebook offers no way to revert to the old-style design. However, there is one thing that can be done if you’re a Chrome user.

A Chrome plugin called Facebook News Ticker Remover promises to, as you may have guessed, remove the new sidebar ticker box. Created by Arik Fraimovich, the free browser extension simply removes the omnipresent live news ticker for good.

Arik Fraimovich’s Facebook News Ticker Remover

The extension will not only remove the news ticker from the Facebook front page, but it will also banish it from the Chat sidebar. It’s worth noting, though, that even with this Chrome plugin installedm the Games ticker will still be present.

If the new Facebook design is giving you a headache, this free plugin is worth a shot. Sure, it’s not going to change the whole look and feel of the site, but it does offer up a neat clean solution for ridding the social network of it’s new overly social live scrolling ticker.

But even if this plugin isn’t enough to keep you happy with Facebook, you could always migrate over to the now open-for-all Google+. See you there?


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  1. Dan Miller says:

    I’ve all ready started moving over to Google+. Just got to wait for a few more friends to make the move.

  2. David says:

    What about under Safari? Anyway of changing it back?

  3. Josh Hayes says:

    these is a much better browser plugin called ‘betterfacebook’ which is available for all the major browsers and it allows you to tinker with just about any aspect of the facebook interface, not just the new ticker. available at betterfacebook.net

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