Greater battery drainage in iOS 7.1?

Macworld Australia Staff
17 March, 2014
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Last Monday, Apple released its latest update of iOS to mostly positive reviews. Reports are now surfacing from various sources, however, of greater battery drainage experienced by users who have upgraded to iOS 7.1.

Alyssa Bereznak, writing for Yahoo! references an Apple Support Communities thread, where multiple complaints have been aired.


Complaints like this one:



Other forum users had some suggestions as to possible fixes:


Bereznak also noted that there were similar complaints on Twitter, linking to this tweet by Jeremy Horwitz, while noting that it’s difficult to verify the reliability of the Twitter complaints as those posting the tweets don’t mention the version of iOS they are starting from.

She also points to a review from Ars Technica, that ran a range of benchmark tests and came to the conclusion, “In the move from iOS 6.1 to iOS 7.0, we observed a statistically significant drop in battery life… The move from iOS 7.0 to 7.1 doesn’t make as much of a difference. Our Wi-Fi browsing test measured both small gains and small losses, but most of these scores are different by just two or three percent, which we’d consider to be within the margin of error.”


Image: Ars Technique




9to5Mac is actually running a poll to answer the question: “Has your battery life taken a hit in iOS 7.1?”

At time of writing the responses were: 6154 said yes, and 8108 said no.

And the commenters had some more suggestions as to possible causes. One said they had no difference, but the battery would drain much faster if Frequent locations was turned on. While another noted that Bluetooth and AirDrop were turned on by default after updating and wondered whether this may be the cause. One of several seemingly sensible comments/suggestions came from David Griffin:



Have you upgraded to iOS 7.1 and have you noticed any battery drainage issues? If so, have you checked to see if any of your apps are using background location services without your knowledge?

Tell us your experiences in the comments below.


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