Google’s Eric Schmidt: Apple CEO?

Tim Grey
2 February, 2011
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Is Eric Schmidt next in line for the top job at Apple? The previously unthinkable proposition became possible overnight, when the outgoing Google boss dodged questions about whether he’d consider stepping in for an ailing Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple.

“In the first place, it’s not appropriate. Steve [Jobs] is still the CEO and I hope he continues forever,” Schmidt told CNBC. When the interviewer asked Schmidt whether he’d been approached by Apple, Schmidt refused to either confirm or deny the claim.

“I’m not going to talk about private conversations with anybody,” he said.

Schmidt, an Apple board member between 2006 and 2009, recently stepped down as Google’s CEO for the company’s co-founder, Larry Page to return to the top job. The search-engine doyen oversaw Google as it moved from a start-up to the web’s most successful business, shepherding in its booming Android Mobile OS and Chrome projects, but was also responsible for Wave and Buzz, both decisive misses.  Despite (or because of) his refusal to discuss the possibility of joining Apple, the move could definitely be considered a logical one.

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  1. Steve Cooper says:

    Horse feathers! The less like Google that Apple ever becomes, the better, and I’d guess that 99% of Apple employees and management would agree.

  2. Pablom says:

    Why not? He would have the vision and expertise.

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