Google TensorFlow – open source machine learning

Anthony Caruana
10 November, 2015
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Google’s TensorFlow is the machine learning tool intended to automate many of the repetitive actions we take for granted when using a Google service. For example, it’s the technology behind facial recognition – the ability to see pictures of two different faces and recognise that they are the same person.

TensorFlow replaces Google’s existing machine learning tool. It’s faster, smarter and more flexible than its old system, making it more adaptable as new products and research come to light.

According to Google, TensorFlow will be a part of everything from speech recognition to search and even its recently released Smart Reply function in Gmail that automatically responds to your email for you.

While many many companies assiduously guard such technology, Google sees great potential in TensorFlow and is making the tool open source so it can be used by “everyone from academic researchers, to engineers, to hobbyists – exchange ideas much more quickly, through working code rather than just research papers”.

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