Update: Google releases iOS Maps app

Leah Yamshon
13 December, 2012
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To the delight of iPhone users everywhere, Google has released a standalone iOS Maps app late Wednesday.

Rumours and hints of a Google-based replacement maps app have been circulating since Apple Maps made its debut with the launch of iOS 6 in September.

Google Maps had been built-in with iOS since the launch of the first iPhone, but the app was dropped when Apple replaced it with their own mapping app in September. Although Apple Maps introduced impressive Flyover graphics and turn-by-turn directions to iOS devices, its navigation data is not up to par with what Google Maps once offered. Apple Maps has produced erroneous directions, placed cities and landmarks in the wrong spot, and still lacks transit directions.

Although Apple Maps users can report incorrect data through the app, Maps hasn’t seen any significant changes since its launch.

The new Google Maps app does not replace Apple’s native Maps, but it gives iOS users a maps app to use while Apple improves its own offering.

The app is available to download from the iOS App Store.

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  1. Tony says:

    Should Google really have made it so difficult to get them to give Apple users the turn by turn and other features that they already had on Android phones.

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